Financial Inclusion

Collection of financial inclusion related content.

26 October 2015

This project explores the role of intergenerational wealth transfers on housing and related economic outcomes. It quantifies transfers from Australian parents to their children, models their impact in aiding home ownership for recipients, and estimates its impact on broader economic outcomes such as wealth distribution.

21 October 2015

Over time, unless existing policy barriers are addressed, the financial system is unlikely to evolve to provide the full range of integrated income and wealth-based solutions needed to assist an increasingly self-reliant population of older Australians.

21 October 2015

Dividend Imputation was introduced in Australia in 1987. Despite many theoretical and empirical studies, there is little consensus on some of its effects. The objective of this paper is to outline these effects, drawing on and critically reviewing the existing literature to assess what conclusions can be drawn, and sources of disagreement on imputation’s effects.

15 October 2015

This paper features voices from Canberra's community and private sector as they unite around the issues surrounding the ACT housing affordability crisis. 

9 October 2015

There are many intermediate steps in the move from a snapshot comparison of the distribution of taxation and benefits in Australia and the United Kingdom to a life course perspective. Part 4 in Peter Whiteford’s 8-part series.

7 October 2015

Providing a descriptive analysis of the flow of major taxes (personal income tax and GST) and transfers between families under existing policy settings, this paper sheds light on how Australia's tax and transfer system functions to distribute income across the population and over lifetimes.

27 September 2015

Thousands of single parent families have been pushed into poverty after having their payments reduced under the welfare-to-work policies of successive governments. After 10 years the workforce participation rate for sole parents has barely improved and a former senior minister admits the policy is too harsh.

15 September 2015

This research for Anglicare Australia focusses on the changes in living standards for a broad range of family types in Australia between 2004 and 2014.

3 September 2015

How should superannuation funds design ‘default’ retirement income products for their members?

4 August 2015

A secure retirement rests on three foundations: adequate income, affordable housing, and decent affordable health and aged care.