Information Management

Contains research and resources on the broad topic of managing information including libraries, digital libraries, electronic publishing, grey literature, information resources management, open access publishing, scholarly communication, and many other related issues. This collection was established as part of the Grey Literature Strategies ARC Linkage research project (2012 - 2015) a partnership with Swinburne University of Technology, Victoria University, the National Library of Australia, the National State Libraries Australasia, the Australian Council for Educational Research and the Eidos Insittute. It has now been expanded to bring together the wider world of information management supported by APO and Swinburne University of Technology. We welcome contributions by others interested in developing the collection for their own research and practice work. Register to contribute and post your work or that of other organisations of interest in this field.

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Information Management


7 Nov 2017

Safety scandals in Australian hospitals are depressingly frequent. They stimulate special reports and an immediate flurry of action. The tragedy is that these safety incidents occur despite reporting, governance and oversight mechanisms that – if they were working properly – might have helped to...


7 Nov 2017

The Panama Papers, released in April 2016, were another quantum leap in size. Where the cables released by WikiLeaks had filled 1.7 gigabytes, the Panama Papers were 2.6 terabytes, or roughly 1500 times the size. They opened an unprecedented — and unprecedentedly detailed — window...

Journal article

25 Oct 2017


Graduate students sometimes express consternation about whether the presence of their dissertation in an open access institutional repository (IR) will harm their chances of being able to publish the manuscript as a book. Several studies have addressed the question from different perspectives, but...


14 Oct 2017

This review considered the balance between appropriate access to Medicare card numbers for health professionals and the security of patients’ Medicare card numbers. It makes a number of findings and recommendations for practical improvements to the security of Medicare numbers without increasing the administrative burden...


11 Oct 2017

This report shows that over the five years from November 2010 to November 2015, there were 43.5% fewer librarian positions in the workforce; 16.3% fewer technician positions, and 12.4% fewer library assistant positions. However, looking ahead to May 2022, the Department of Employment predicts a...


20 Sep 2017

Open access (OA) is a contested term with a complicated history and a variety of understandings. This rich history is routinely ignored by institutional, funder and governmental policies that instead enclose the concept and promote narrow approaches to OA. This article presents a genealogy of...


18 Sep 2017

This is Nesta’s first report for DECODE (DEcentralised Citizen Owned Data Ecosystem), an EU funded project that will create tools that put individuals in control of whether they keep their personal data private or share it for the public good.

Key findings...


8 Sep 2017

Information sharing has been at the heart of the Troubled Families programme from the start, providing the intelligence local programmes need to identify families, understand their needs and demonstrate their progress. Local authorities depend on local public services providing access to their data and intelligence...


25 Aug 2017

The Australian government wishes to ensure that the intellectual property (IP) system provides appropriate incentives for innovation, investment and the production of creative works while ensuring it does not unreasonably impede further innovation, competition, investment and access to goods and services. The government is committed...

Journal article

10 Jul 2017

Climate change increases the complexity and uncertainty of regional natural resource management (NRM), calling into question the appropriateness of linear knowledge-transfer approaches. In this paper we reflect on knowledge practices among a partnership of researchers and NRM planners, under a federal program of NRM investment...

Policy report

7 Jul 2017

This privacy impact assessment (PIA) provides an overarching, systematic evaluation of privacy and other risks associated with integrating data into the Integrated Data Infrastructure (IDI), and how these risks are being managed. This PIA also summarises some of the expected benefits of the IDI....


29 Jun 2017

Braunstone Blues is a multi-agency, early intervention project consisting of a team from each of the three emergency services: fire and rescue, police and ambulance. It is being piloted in Braunstone, an area of higher deprivation in the City of Leicester. The project is led...

Conference paper

27 Jun 2017

Public policy and practice, and policy research, relies on diverse forms and types of information and communication, both traditional publications and a myriad of other documents and resources including reports, briefings, legislation, discussion papers, submissions and evaluations and much more. This is sometimes referred to...


23 Jun 2017

The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) Engagement Programme launch event was held at Five Ways House, Birmingham on the 27th March 2017. Delivered by the Centre of Excellence for Information Sharing (the Centre), the event marked the launch of a period of intensive...

Conference paper

8 Jun 2017

Twenty-one years ago, the term ‘electronic publishing’ promised all manner of potential that the Web and network technologies could bring to scholarly communication, scientific research and technical innovation. Over the last two decades, tremendous developments have indeed taken place across all of these domains. One...


26 Apr 2017

A follow-on to the popular Demystifying Born Digital series , this primer for archivists is intended to help digital archivists understand the priorities, techniques and culture of information technology so that they can be the most effective collaborators possible.

This report describes types of...

Research report

7 Feb 2017

The vision is to position repositories as the foundation for a distributed, globally networked infrastructure for scholarly communication, on top of which layers of value added services will be deployed, thereby transforming the system, making it more research-centric, open to and supportive of innovation, while...

Research report

20 Dec 2016

Australia’s intellectual property (IP) arrangements fall short in many ways and improvement is needed across the spectrum of IP rights.

IP arrangements need to ensure that creators and inventors are rewarded for their efforts, but in doing so they must: − foster creative endeavour...


7 Dec 2016

This National Action Plan sets out the initial steps the federal government will take in pursuit of the aim to improve and build confidence in Australian institutions and strengthen our democracy, by upholding the principles in the Open Government Declaration to:

• promote transparency,...

Audio program

7 Dec 2016

After years of 'open government' reforms being closed down - or shelved - the Turnbull Government is due to release a National Action Plan to coincide with an international summit on open government this week.

The plan is required for membership of the global...