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28 Sep 2017

This report highlights a range of potential changes to migration policy that would mean the system would better meet the needs of the South Australian economy and its businesses.


15 Mar 2017

Every year the Productivity Commission releases its Report on Government Services (RoGS), providing information on the equity, effectiveness and efficiency of government services in Australia. RoGS includes a Health volume that covers primary and community health, ambulance, public hospitals and mental health.

This report...


15 Feb 2017

Understanding and awareness of elder abuse as a significant problem is well understood but not comprehensively documented by key government and non-government agencies within South Australia


5 Sep 2016

The report examines the attitudes, expectations and strategies of agencies working in aged care in South Australia in 2016. It sets out to document the business conditions and perceived opportunities affecting the sector at a time of considerable transition, with a view to establishing a...


29 Aug 2016

Key Findings

The Initiative Fund Grants funded by Wyatt from 2009 to 2013 had a positive impact on the lives of recipient households, either reducing the risk of homelessness and/or assisting homeless persons into stable and appropriate accommodation. Recipients of Initiative Fund Grant...


18 Aug 2016

As South Australia’s baby boomers rapidly approach old age, who will be responsible for their financial wellbeing? What can be done now to ensure the future financial wellness of both the elderly and our economy?

The face of the South Australian population is changing....


4 Apr 2016

State of Our Health is a set of indicators produced by the Health Performance Council to give a comprehensive picture of health in South Australia, in each local health network, and for South Australia’s Aboriginal population. State of Our Health uses 166 measures against...


31 Mar 2016

This resource shows the statistics of a poll completed in the South Australian, Indi and New England seats on the current Australian asylum seeker policy.

New state-wide ReachTEL polling in South Australia and in the seats of New England and Indi on refugee policy...


21 Mar 2016

This case study has explored how Muslim and non-Muslim students, school leadership, counsellors, teachers and parents reflect on, interpret and manage the experience of engagement and exchange in the context of a Catholic girls' high school (Years 8 to 12) in South Australia.



16 Mar 2016

National Disability Services and Every Australian Counts have released a paper showing the potential scaleof the economic benefits the NDIS will bring to South Australia. New economic modelling forecasts the impact the NDIS will have on SA Gross State Product when fully implemented and details...

Discussion paper

29 Feb 2016

This project examines access to appropriate housing for Indigenous people with a disability living in stage one areas of the National Disability Insurance Scheme in South Australia, Victoria and New South Wales. The condition and location of housing and the availability and suitability of housing...

Conference proceedings

27 Feb 2016

The annual 2015 ACUADS conference was hosted by the School of Art, Architecture and Design at the University of South Australia and Adelaide College of the Arts (TAFE SA). Keynotes were given by Brian Parkes (CEO, Jam Factory) and Nick Mitzevich (Art Gallery of South...


16 Feb 2016

The Australian population is ageing. Just in case you are one of the very tiny percentage of the population who hasn’t heard, we expect that by 2050 the proportion of Australians over 65 will be double what it is today.

Successive versions of the...


11 Feb 2016

A proposal to establish a global nuclear waste industry in South Australia would fail to secure 90% of the imported waste, leaving an expensive and risky legacy for the state, according to this report.


South Australia’s Nuclear Fuel Cycle Royal Commission...

Discussion paper

9 Feb 2016

On 10 November 2015, Victim Support Service (VSS) in partnership with Anglicare, hosted the ‘Improving Justice and Support for Child and Adolescent Victims of Crime’ Conference in Adelaide. This event involved a diverse group of almost 100 representatives from across the non-government and government sectors...

Conference paper

31 Jan 2016

This paper reports upon very early findings from a three year ARC Discovery project exploring how online distribution is changing the environment for operating a creative micro-enterprise, with a specific focus on designer-makers. A key research question for the project is: what are the ‘self-making’...


29 Jan 2016

‘Growth’ is back on the business agenda for 2016, underscored by the release of the highly anticipated Innovation Statement. Consumer confidence is 10 per cent higher than a year ago, and the retail sector just had one of its best Christmas seasons in years....

Journal article

31 Dec 2015

Many of societies’ most pressing social policy problems are wicked problems. While complex adaptive systems theory has been recognised as an appropriate way to address this type of problem, complexity-accepting strategies are difficult for public administrations because they are at odds with their current dominant...

Audio presentation

12 Nov 2015

A number of governments, including Australia’s, have proposed the revocation of citizenship as a means to deter engagement in terrorism. This lecture considers the political and legal context of these proposals and discuss their compatibility with international human rights standards.

Professor Charlesworth addresses the...

Journal article

19 Oct 2015

Peer mentoring is often considered the single most effective strategy for increasing student retention and student satisfaction. As a consequence, mentoring programs have been implemented at most universities and are an essential feature of best practice transition programs. Yet, the literature is inconsistent regarding what...