23 Nov 2017

Terrorism and violent extremism remain significant threats to international peace and security. Although few countries have been immune, Africa has been particularly susceptible. Weak institutions, porous borders, inadequately trained or ill-equipped security forces, historical grievances and a lack of economic opportunities have created conditions for...


23 Nov 2017

Australia has commercial and strategic interests in helping to prevent and counter violent extremism in Africa. Australian mining companies are engaged across the continent in Mali, Burkina Faso, Kenya and many other countries where there have been high-profile terrorist attacks and kidnappings of foreign nationals,...

Research report

27 Jul 2017

Facebook’s Free Basics program aims to help bridge the digital divide through a mobile-based platform that allows users to connect to a handful of online services free of charge. In a vision statement for the program, Facebook surmises that “[by] introducing people to the benefits...


6 Jul 2017

A humanitarian crisis continues to unfold in the central Mediterranean as thousands of people die at sea in the desperate attempt to reach safety or a better life in Europe. In the first half of 2017 73,000 refugees and migrants reached Italy by sea: 14%...

Journal article

17 Mar 2017

Struggles for transformation of the Kenyan constitution brought into alliances disparate movements from below, sections of middleclass, and factions of political, economic and religious elites, in challenging the government. The emergence of these alliances presents useful cases for examining the dynamic relationship and politics between...

Systematic review

1 Mar 2017


The rise of voluntary standards and their associated certification for agricultural products is a well-established phenomenon in the contemporary dynamics of agricultural trade. Supply chain management is increasingly influenced by a proliferation of standards, and by the organisations setting and monitoring them over...


5 Oct 2016

In 2017 it will be Australia’s turn to chair the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme (KP), an international organisation set up to regulate the trade in diamonds. Diamonds are a symbol of love, purchased to celebrate marriage, and it is therefore deeply ironic that the diamond...

Research report

24 Jul 2016

Effective communication and advocacy activities are essential components in initiating change in education practices and policies. ACER, through the Global Education Monitoring (GEM) Centre provided support to OMAES (Oeuvre Malienne d’Aide à l’Enfance du Sahel), a non-governmental organisation in Mali, for the development of an...

Research report

2 Jun 2016

A discussion that focused on topics that ranged from the role of government and the private sector in combating terrorism and transnational organised crime to infrastructure development and professional services.

Executive summary

The second Australia–Africa Dialogue was held at the Royal Zambezi...


31 May 2016

The schooling experiences of refugee background students prior to being resettled in Australia significantly shape their transitions into Australian schools. This chapter presents a case study of six young people from Sudanese refugee backgrounds. With a focus on discipline and student-teacher relationships, I argue that...


27 May 2016

Mobile technologies have the potential to revolutionize how populations interact with national health services.

1. Mobile technologies are becoming an important resource for health services delivery and public health due to their ease of use, broad reach and wide acceptance. According to a report...

Research report

14 Mar 2016

The Islamic State (IS), al-Qaeda-linked groups, Boko Haram and other extremist movements are protagonists in today’s deadliest crises, complicating efforts to end them. They have exploited wars, state collapse and geopolitical upheaval in the Middle East, gained new footholds in Africa and pose an evolving...

Journal article

2 Mar 2016

An analysis of the Kony 2012 phenomenon to illustrate how a digital campaign can validate and reproduce subjectivities and structures of domination rather than stimulate sustainable reform‐based change.

Summary In 2012, the Kony 2012 Campaign became the most watched human rights video to...

Research report

16 Dec 2015

This exploratory study investigates the challenges newly arrived African refugees in Australia face and how they perceive local government initiatives and support. The Report is divided into six sections. The first section contextualises the issues. The second section outlines the methodology employed. Sections 3, 4,...

Technical report

25 Nov 2015

The aim of this analysis is purely to calculate an investment cost of providing several regions of the developing world with 100% renewable electricity, and to compare those amounts with the gross concentrated wealth of the world’s richest individuals, in order to highlight the need...

Research report

20 Oct 2015

Fertility patterns in the world have changed dramatically over the last few decades. Global fertility has reached unprecedented low levels, yet stark differences persist in childbearing patterns across countries and regions. The population and development implications of these diverse fertility patterns are directly relevant for...


15 Oct 2015

The Internet of Things paints a vision of a carefree, seamlessly connected world–where interconnected devices collect and share our most practical data to improve the functionality of products, the efficiency of homes and workplaces, the infrastructures of cities, and, fundamentally, the overall integration of our...



7 Aug 2015

As a new key plank in its economic statecraft, China has determined that it will shift much of its labour-intensive industry offshore to relieve saturated domestic markets, allow the manufacturers to avail themselves of cheaper labour in Southeast Asia, Latin America and Africa, bring the...

Video interview

21 May 2015

The way the media reports on a community can have a powerful impact on the way the broader society perceives them. The less that’s known about that community, the more power the media wields, as a primary source of understanding.

Media coverage can foster...

Research report

19 May 2015

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institutional leaders responsible for quality in online, open and flexible higher education faculty wanting to have an overview of the field newcomers that want to develop quality schemes policy makers in governments, agencies and organisations major educational stakeholders in...