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7 Feb 2017

The TPP was an ambitious attempt to create a regional trade agreement for the Asia-Pacific. If it had been successfully completed, it would have linked 12 countries, 819 million people and almost 26 per cent of global trade. The TPP would have included significant trade...


1 Feb 2015

Public policy observatories are an initiative that some public administrations in the US and Europe have implemented to manage knowledge. The use of observatories enables public administrators to have greater information to design, develop, implement, and evaluate their public policies.

This publication aims to...


29 Dec 2014

Going into 2014, there were high hopes for advancing privacy protections and to finally have the debate around surveillance we've been clamoring for. In 2013, the right to privacy was “the right whose time has come”. Privacy was even's word of the year....


8 Dec 2014

Key developments: on the way to Paris, what has changed since Copenhagen?

This year, the Climate Change Performance Index shows a new “record” in global energy related CO2 emissions. Similar records have been reported almost every year since the Index was started ten...

Discussion paper

30 Nov 2014

In the latest issues paper from AIATSIS Research Publications, David Ritter explores the contemporary intersection of Indigenous and environmental interests, both internationally and in the Australian context. As CEO of Greenpeace Australia Pacific, Ritter is uniquely placed to examine Greenpeace’s successful alliances with indigenous peoples...


20 Aug 2014

This collection of essays provides the first substantial introduction to Australia’s evolving engagement with Latin America.


This is a good time to reflect on opportunities and challenges for Australia in Latin America. Impressive economic growth and opportunities for trade and investment...

Journal article

2 Aug 2014

Tropical deforestation such as in the Amazon can be studied well from a green criminological perspective, argues this paper, giving an account of various ethnographic visits to the rainforests of the Amazon in the period 2003-2014.


Tropical deforestation such as in...


18 Nov 2013

About the CCPI

The Climate Change Performance Index is an instrument designed to enhance transparency in international climate politics. Its aim is to put political and social pressure on those countries which have, up until now, failed to take ambitious action on climate...


26 Aug 2013

This report examines policies and strategies towards open access (OA) of scientific data in the European Research Area (ERA), Brazil, Canada, Japan and the US from 2000 onwards. The analysis examines strategies that aim to foster OA scientific data—such as the types of incentives given...


23 Jul 2013

Libraries, telecenters, and cybercafés play a critical role in extending the benefits of information and communication technologies (ICTs) to a diverse range of people worldwide. However, their ability to contribute to development agendas has come into question in recent times. The Global Impact Study was...

Journal article

15 Dec 2012

This artcile studies the case of Fundación Paraguaya—the first and longest-running non-governmental organisation in Paraguay.

5 Dec 2012

Argentina is locked in battle with international investors, writes Alexis Sergio Esposto from Swinburne University of Technology .


Tensions between the country and institutional bondholders reached new highs on October 2, when the Ghanaian government seized the Argentine tall...


3 Dec 2012

Our world is characterized by fast moving geopolitical and natural changes and the scenarios drawn by climate change specialists are alarming: If we want to avoid dangerous climate change, and its ample consequences for creatures all over the world, it is necessary to take action...


12 Nov 2012

The purpose of this paper is to review the literature on Culturally Responsive Schooling regarding Aborigines and other nations' first peoples.

While special focus is given to this issue, for the schooling of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children and young people in Australia...


29 Aug 2012

In May 2012, ASPI and the Johannesburg-based Brenthurst Foundation co-hosted a major international dialogue on natural resource demand and China’s economy. Held in Zambia, the event brought together experts and policymakers from Africa, Australia, Latin America and elsewhere.

Australia's growing interest in...


13 Jun 2012

Tokyo is the world's most expensive city for expatriates; Karachi is the cheapest, most European cities drop in the ranking and Australian and New Zealand cities surge according to this survey used by companies to determine salary and benefits for overseas employees.



5 Jun 2012

This document contains information on the state of conservation of properties inscribed on the World Heritage List, including the Great Barrier Reef, for discussion by the World Heritage Committee at their meeting in June-July 2012.

The World Heritage Committee is requested to review the...


11 Apr 2012

This paper examines the threats faced by journalists and social media users who report on drug violence in Mexico, and proposes steps to reduce these risks.

The job of Mexican journalists covering drug trafficking and organized crime along the Mexico-U.S. border has been called...


24 Mar 2012

As part of a Master of Indigenous Studies from the University of Otago, Trade Aid staff member, Michelia Ward, conducted research throughout 2011 and 2012 on whether fair trade is able to contribute to the aspirations of indigenous producers. The research focused on fair trade...


6 Dec 2011

Key findings

This year's Climate Change Performance Index (CCPI) shows some interesting and worrying results.

As in the years before, we still cannot reward any country with the rankings 1-3, as no country is doing enough to prevent dangerous climate change....



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