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31 May 2018

Academic institutions and community-based organizations have increasingly recognized the value of working together to meet their different objectives and address common societal needs. In an effort to support the development and maintenance of these partnerships, a diversity of brokering initiatives has emerged. We describe these...


24 Jan 2018

What lessons can be drawn from institutional change in private rental sectors (PRSs) internationally which could enhance the equity, efficiency and effectiveness of the sector in Australia, particularly to improve outcomes for low-income tenants?


4 May 2017

Law professor, cultural observer and theorist on religion and pluralism, Prof Iain Benson, will offer some insights and guidance on steps he argues are essential for education, justice and politics in our time.


27 Jan 2017

Executive summary

The Sea Level Rise and Coastal Flood Hazard Scenarios and Tools Interagency Task Force, jointly convened by the U.S. Global Change Research Program (USGCRP) and the National Ocean Council (NOC), began its work in August 2015. The Task Force has focused...


2 Feb 2016


Canadians, and many people around the world, are increasingly purchasing, and using, electronic devices meant to capture and record the relative levels of a person’s fitness.

Unlike past fitness devices, such as pedometers, electronic fitness trackers are designed to display aggregate...


20 Oct 2015

Fertility patterns in the world have changed dramatically over the last few decades. Global fertility has reached unprecedented low levels, yet stark differences persist in childbearing patterns across countries and regions. The population and development implications of these diverse fertility patterns are directly relevant for...

Book review

14 Aug 2015

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA, colloquially called Obamacare) is an historic piece of legislation that improves the health and healthcare of every American. But what will surely come to be seen as President Barack Obama’s key legacy is also one of the...

Book review

19 Jun 2015

With Web 2.0, platforms and usage have become dynamic, the lines between creator and user have become blurred, and social media facilitates networking and collaboration. These developments raise questions about whether this medium actually enhances freedom by enabling expression, or facilitates harms in new and...

Book review

17 Apr 2015

In 2014, French economist Thomas Piketty's book, Capital in the Twenty-First Century, documented an upsurge in inequality of income and wealth, most notably in the United States and the United Kingdom. Other English-speaking countries have followed this trend—with the possible exception of Australia. So is...

Book review

2 Apr 2015

Queer spaces have shaped modern gay identities, but they have not been without contradiction and complexity. As ‘safe’ spaces for homosexual people, they have also been places in which lesbians and gay men have been the targets of homophobic abuse and violence. As spaces in...

Book review

20 Mar 2015

Donated breast milk is a scarce resource. It is not uncommon for human milk banks to turn away requests for milk, to ensure that the little available goes to the hospitalised preterm infants who need it most. It is also not uncommon for lactating women...

Book review

13 Feb 2015

Managing public protest has become an important feature of the neoliberal strategy. Reducing the capacity of unions and protest movements to organise and demonstrate, expanding police powers and increasing the authority of technocrats to manage the economy are all part of the repertoire. Ironically, neoliberals...


29 Dec 2014

Going into 2014, there were high hopes for advancing privacy protections and to finally have the debate around surveillance we've been clamoring for. In 2013, the right to privacy was “the right whose time has come”. Privacy was even's word of the year....


17 Dec 2014

Executive Summary

America’s Youngest Outcasts reports on child homelessness in the United States based on the most recent federal data that comprehensively counts homeless children, using more than 30 variables from over a dozen established data sets.

A staggering 2.5 million children...


Platforms, policy, privacy, and public discourse
15 Dec 2014


This publication is the second annual report of the Internet Monitor project at the Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard University. As with the inaugural report, this year’s edition is a collaborative effort of the extended Berkman community. Internet Monitor...

Book review

10 Dec 2014

Daily life in rich countries is full of complex decisions: about borrowing, saving, buying, accepting medical treatment, allowing access to personal information, choosing foods and so on. One response has been mandatory disclosure of information about all aspects of the transaction, but this solution is...


8 Dec 2014

Key developments: on the way to Paris, what has changed since Copenhagen?

This year, the Climate Change Performance Index shows a new “record” in global energy related CO2 emissions. Similar records have been reported almost every year since the Index was started ten...


3 Dec 2014

This report argues that, when comparing 'like for like' taxation burdens, Australia is among the top bracket of highest taxing countries in the world.

Executive summary

Australia has become one of the highest taxed countries in the world. With the imposition of...



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