Australian Capital Territory

Journal article
15 February 2017

This paper discusses the use of secondments as a tool to increase knowledge translation between academics and policy makers by developing individual capacity.

8 December 2016

This report reveals that NSW and the ACT are bracing for another severe bushfire season, as climate change continues to drive extreme conditions.

22 June 2016

There is growing recognition of the importance of addressing the mental health needs of young people in the university sector. 1.3 million Australians were enrolled in tertiary education in 2014...

21 June 2016

This research investigated the experiences of women with lived experiences of being diagnosed or labelled with Borderline Personality Disorder in the ACT and the experiences of service providers...

16 June 2016

This audit considers the activities of the Capital Metro Agency in initiating the Capital Metro Light Rail Project.

Audio interviewAudio program
8 June 2016

Fran Kelly interviews Michael Costigan, Tara Costigan Foundation CEO, to discuss the ACT government's plans to introduce a levy to fund the $21 million 'Safer Families' program.

Discussion paper
5 June 2016

Provides background information about the nature of serious and organised crime and the application of consorting laws in Australian jurisdictions and includes options for a potential model for...

15 March 2016

This report for the ACT Community Services Directorate (Children, Youth and Families) is volume 2 of 'Child Abuse And Neglect: A Socio-legal Study of Mandatory Reporting in Australia'.

Briefing paper
20 January 2016

Linking the findings of research undertaken by ICPS, to the development of policy and practice in the area of child, youth and family welfare, this paper explores children and young people's...

Technical report
31 December 2015

This working paper provides details of the Australian National Electricity Market (ANEM) model version 1.10 used in the research project titled: An investigation of the impacts of increased power...