16 Nov 2017

There are sound economic, environmental and political reasons to veto Adani’s loan.

(1) Stopping the NAIF loan to Adani means more money for projects in other industries, like tourism, agriculture, manufacturing and renewable energy.

(2) Poll after poll shows Queenslanders, like the rest...

Discussion paper

15 Nov 2017

The benefits of the Adani coal mine have been readily discussed and debated. Equally important but rarely discussed are the many electorates that stand to lose out from the development of the Galilee Basin. In some cases, the winners and losers share an electorate....


30 Oct 2017

Queensland is rich in energy resources of the past and future: coal and gas; as well as the sunshine and wind powered technologies which now dominate global investment. The state is fast approaching a crossroads for which future it will pursue....


27 Oct 2017

Around 220,000 Queenslanders earn a living in the building and construction industry across the state.

Every day, their work has an enormous impact not only on the houses or apartments or office blocks they build, but on the communities in...

Journal article

16 Oct 2017


Objectives To estimate the incidence, duration and cost of futile treatment for end-of-life hospital admissions.

Design Retrospective multicentre cohort study involving a clinical audit of...

Research report

15 Oct 2017

There are complex reasons offered to explain the recent resurgence of Pauline Hanson’s One Nation to centre stage in Australian national politics. Hanson’s success in acquiring four Senate seats in the 2016 federal election provided her with an influential presence. Her resurgence has attracted the...

Draft report

6 Oct 2017

The Treasurer has asked the Queensland Productivity Commission (the Commission) to undertake an inquiry into service delivery in Queensland's remote and discrete Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.

This draft report has been released to provide an opportunity for consultation...


6 Oct 2017

This report has been published by the Department of Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services. It outlines the key achievements of the past twelve months, and describes focus areas for the 2017-18 financial year.

Highlights of the progress report include:



4 Oct 2017

Local governments are responsible for the good governance of local and regional communities. In performing this role, local governments execute a range of functions, including planning and monitoring, service delivery, and lawmaking and enforcement. They also play an important advocacy role, representing the interests of...


3 Oct 2017

This report examines the contribution of tourism to Queensland and its tourism regions.

Queensland’s tourist economy grew rapidly in 2015–16, with domestic tourists consuming more than $23.0 billion worth of goods and services in the state (up by $1,635 million, or 8%, from 2014–15)....

Journal article

1 Oct 2017

When interpreting words or construing provisions in an Act of Parliament, the context in which the words appear and the purpose of the Act can be used to ascertain meaning. The catchcry of text, context and purpose has become a repeated moniker for the High...


29 Sep 2017

The Queensland Government is committed to positioning Queensland as a place where entrepreneurs, industry, universities and government collaborate to turn great ideas into commercial products and businesses that create jobs.

Much of the emphasis on innovation is directed towards business, universities and entrepreneurs; however,...

Discussion paper

26 Sep 2017

Infrastructure underpins every aspect of modern life While the systems using our infrastructure have improved, the underlying infrastructure has developed comparatively slowly. Smart infrastructure seeks to extract greater value from new and existing assets by improving user experience, reducing expenditure and enabling better decision-making and...


22 Sep 2017

This summary provides stakeholders with woody vegetation change summary statistics for all SLATS mapping between the first mapping period of 1988–91 and up to the most recent 2015–16 mapping period.

The spreadsheet contains additional woody vegetation change data summaries which are not published in...


11 Sep 2017

This final report presents the recommendations of the Commercial and Property Law Research Centre (Centre) formulated after consideration of submissions received in response to the Queensland Government Property Law Review Issues Paper – Seller Disclosure in Queensland ( Issues Paper, released on 12 February 2014...


7 Sep 2017

The Palaszczuk Government is hoping new jobs will be created under its commitment to make better use of government data.

This Open Data Policy Statement is intended to promote access to government data that will help foster ingenuity.

The Queensland government created its...


7 Sep 2017

On 21 September 2016, the Director-General of the Department of the Premier and Cabinet, on behalf of the Premier, asked the Principal Commissioner, Queensland Family and Child Commission (QFCC) to ‘undertake a whole of system review of the Working with Children (Risk Management and Screening)...


7 Sep 2017

This review was undertaken because of the tragic death of Tiahleigh Palmer, a child in foster care, and the subsequent arrest of her foster carers and their adult children.

In the same week police arrested Tiahleigh’s foster carer, they also arrested a Far North...


6 Sep 2017

This report presents findings of an evaluation of a healing program at the Murri School, which has has run since 2012. The program combines therapeutic intervention, service coordination, family case work, family camps, cultural and group activities, and (re)connection with educational and sporting activities. Among...

Discussion paper

31 Aug 2017

While our actions now are supporting Queensland’s strong economic growth and job creation, we are continuing to look for new opportunities to strengthen and build on this growth. We need to ensure we are well positioned to take advantage of future opportunities.

An industry...