11 Dec 2017

This year’s report attempts to lay out the facts of Tasmania’s economic situation in order to promote a broader and deeper understanding of Tasmania’s strengths and weaknesses, The belief is that, this will in turn facilitate both a stronger appetite for change, and a greater...

Discussion paper

20 Oct 2017

Salmon farming is a hot topic in Tasmania. The industry is responsible for over 2% of Gross State Product and over 1% of employment, including considerable full-time employment. This economic contribution is due to substantial growth. The industry tripled in size over the past...

Discussion paper

26 Sep 2017

With the Tasmanian Joint Select Committee on Future Gaming Markets considering the future of poker machines in Tasmania, community pressure is growing for poker machines to be banned from hotels and clubs, limiting them to casinos and the Spirit of Tasmania vessels. Concern that this...



18 Sep 2017

While Tasmania’s unemployment rate sits at around the national average at 5.6% the survey results have revealed that underemployment is a critical issue for many Tasmanian workers.

The importance of underemployment is being increasingly recognised as a vital part of the unemployment picture, including...

Discussion paper

12 Sep 2017

Thanks to its compact geography, Tasmania would encourage people to purchase electric vehicles by providing even just a handful of public vehicle charging stations. This paper explores two options for providing coverage to a large part or most of the state, with three or six...

Discussion paper

5 Aug 2017

Australia’s natural beauty is a key attraction for national and international visitors. Nature-based tourism is one of the fastest growing sub-sectors of the tourism sector. Indeed, growth in nature-based travel by international visitors, domestic overnight visitors and day-trippers outpaced the growth rate for overall visitation...


1 Aug 2017

In May 2017, Murray Goulburn announced the closure of their Edith Creek factory, which will result in a loss of local jobs in the Circular Head region from 30 November 2017.

In response, the Tasmania Government established the Circular Head Regional Economic Development Working...

Discussion paper

17 Jul 2017

A new report from Hobart-based think tank, The Australia Institute Tasmania, has found that previous estimates of the impact of phasing out poker machines on employment are inconsistent with recent Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) data.

ABS data suggests gambling employment in Tasmania of...

Research report

12 Jul 2017

This research paper looks at the differences between Tasmanian indefinite detention provisions, and those of other Australian jurisdictions. The study considers issues associated with making a dangerous criminal declaration, including the test and standard of proof, and whether separate provisions should be introduced specifically for...

Journal article

10 Jul 2017

Climate change increases the complexity and uncertainty of regional natural resource management (NRM), calling into question the appropriateness of linear knowledge-transfer approaches. In this paper we reflect on knowledge practices among a partnership of researchers and NRM planners, under a federal program of NRM investment...

Research report

13 Jun 2017

On 2 February 2016, the Senate referred the following matter to the Environment and Communications References Committee for inquiry:

The risks and opportunities associated with the use of the bumblebee population in Tasmania for commercial pollination purposes, including:

(a) the existing distribution and...


8 Jun 2017

Tasmania’s link to the National Electricity Market (NEM) is subjecting the state to increasing uncertainty when it comes to electricity prices including large and sudden price shifts. The state should take back control and become a self-reliant exporter of clean energy.

Tasmania should become...

Briefing paper

5 Jun 2017

This Issues Paper considers the law on consensual assault in Tasmania. It traces the historical development of the law from its common law roots through to its current manifestation in s182(4) of of the Criminal Code.

The Issues Paper contends that some aspects of...


5 Jun 2017

This report, from the Department of Premier and Cabinet of the Tasmanian State Government, is the result of the decision to undertake a strategic review into the Tasmanian Floods of June and July 2016 that affected many Tasmanian communities and businesses.

The report provides...


23 May 2017

In 2016 Attorney-General Dr Vanessa Goodwin commissioned a review of the Magistrates Court to identify opportunities to improve efficiency and overall performance.

KPMG was appointed to undertake the review and their resulting report contains several key recommendations to ensure more timely completion of matters...

Discussion paper

17 May 2017

This Issues Paper considers options for reform that may improve the effectiveness of the criminal justice response to drink drivers in Tasmania, by exploring sentencing options that are more likely to influence offenders’ perceptions of risks represented by their behaviour, and bring about lasting attitudinal...


5 May 2017

The Redistribution Committee for Tasmania has published this report.

The Chair of the Committee and Electoral Commissioner, Tom Rogers said the redistribution was required under the Commonwealth Electoral Act 1918 (Electoral Act) as more than seven years had elapsed since a federal redistribution was...

Discussion paper

3 May 2017

As a regional community, Tasmanians have historically enjoyed higher rates of home ownership than their mainland counterparts. However, as wages continue to stagnate, housing prices start to increase, and the state attracts more investment, the number of Tasmanians owning and occupying their own homes is...

Research report

26 Apr 2017

The Tasmanian Attorney-General, Vanessa Goodwin, asked the Sentencing Advisory Council to examine and provide a report on sentences imposed by the Tasmanian courts in cases where a person is seriously injured or killed as a result of a motor vehicle crash, and to provide advice...

Research report

29 Mar 2017

The latest report on the state of Tasmania's water and sewerage has confirmed the need for urgent action.

The report shows that:

In 2015-16, the number of sewer overflows increased by more than 20 per cent from 164 to 201; The rate of...