Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse

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Research report
10 April 2017

This report assesses the efficacy of oversight bodies in protecting children from sexual abuse, focusing on institutional contexts. To fulfil the aims of the study as stated by the Royal...

20 February 2017

This Royal Commission report outlines the findings from a comprehensive survey of Catholic Church authorities in Australia, to gather data about the extent of claims of child sexual abuse made...

1 December 2016

This report analyses the role that organisational culture plays in child sexual abuse in institutional contexts. It specifically considers how organisational culture can affect the perpetration...

Discussion paper
7 November 2016

This commissioned discussion paper set out to provide a reasoned analysis of the historical, social and policy context surrounding children with disability and to examine the evidence about...

Discussion paper
3 November 2016

This Royal Commission discussion paper examines the evidence, principles and application of trauma-informed care in Australian systems and services.

29 August 2016

This report examines how the criminal justice systems in New South Wales and South Australia deal with complaints of child sexual abuse reported to the police in childhood compared with those in...

24 August 2016

The ability of child sexual abuse complainants to give quality evidence is crucial for successful prosecution, but it can be problematic for complainants to give such evidence. This report...

26 July 2016

This report distinguishes the particular support and service needs of victims of institutional child sexual abuse and how these needs may differ from victims of non-institutional child sexual...