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7 March 2017

This report investigates the barriers that are holding back the broader adoption of the Internet in the economies of Europe and Central Asia and provides policy recommendations tailored to...

12 November 2016

This report finds the impact of extreme weather on poverty is more devastating than previously understood, responsible for annual consumption losses of $520 billion and pushing 26 million people...

7 April 2016

This paper provides an overview of poverty and well-being trends in India since the mid-1990s.

14 January 2016

Digital technologies have spread rapidly in much of the world. Yet for digital technologies to benefit everyone everywhere requires closing the remaining digital divide, especially in internet...

7 January 2016

On 4 October 2015, twelve Pacific Rim countries concluded negotiations on the Trans-Pacific Partnership, the largest, most diverse and potentially most comprehensive regional trade agreement yet...

7 October 2015

This report details the progress the world has made towards global development goals and examines the impact of demographic change on achieving these goals.

1 October 2015

Presents an overview of the Russian economy as it continues to adjust to the 2014 terms-of-trade shock amid a tense geopolitical context marked by ongoing international sanctions.

29 September 2015

This book is about 24 developing countries that have embarked on the journey towards universal health coverage following a bottom-up approach, with a special focus on the poor and vulnerable,...

20 September 2015

This report describes key developments and the prospects of existing and emerging carbon initiatives worldwide.

15 September 2015

A report on a project with Cebu City Government to develop an open-source platform for collecting, visualizing, and analyzing traffic speed data derived from taxi drivers’ smartphones.