Landlord and tenant


A report by the Tenants’ Union of NSW
14 Mar 2018

This report finds that while the Boarding Houses Act 2012 was an historic step forward which has brought some improvement, it has not created the real change needed for the residents of boarding houses in New South Wales.


24 Jan 2018

What lessons can be drawn from institutional change in private rental sectors (PRSs) internationally which could enhance the equity, efficiency and effectiveness of the sector in Australia, particularly to improve outcomes for low-income tenants?


31 May 2017

Commentary by ShelterSA Executive Director, Alice Clark.


29 May 2017

This study, conducted by Shelter SA, the peak body for housing in South Australia, constitutes the first methodical look at rooming housing in South Australia since 2003.

Journal article

21 Mar 2017

In liberal market Anglophone nations, where private rental housing is typically lightly regulated, little is known about the household-level drivers of recent private rental sector growth. In Australia, where long-term private renting (10 years plus) has doubled since the 1990s, growing numbers are thus exposed...



15 Feb 2017

The rental market in Australia appears to have become something like a war zone.

According to a new national study, co-authored by CHOICE, thousands of tenants are being discriminated against and live in a climate of fear.

The research, undertaken by CHOICE, the...

Research report

30 May 2016

Private rental brokerage programs (PRBPs) are a key pillar of support for disadvantaged people accessing and sustaining private rental. This is in addition to more formal private rental assistance programs delivered by state and territory governments; and Commonwealth financial assistance in the form of Commonwealth...

Research report

28 Mar 2016

Indigenous housing occupies a complex policy environment in which policies and programs are in intermittent states of flux. As a result, the existing frameworks struggle to deliver sustainable outcomes. This study considers how conditionality in housing policy and management contributes to housing outcomes, and what...


8 Feb 2016

Renting a house in Sydney and Melbourne takes 37.9 per cent and 30.7 per cent of the average wage respectively, according to this report.

Summary In Sydney and Melbourne tenants are spending more than a third of their income on rent, new data...

Research report

5 Feb 2016

The private rental sector has grown significantly and is now home to more than 1.8 million Australian households. This growth has been linked to higher demand from households who are taking longer to save for a house deposit, as well as more strictly rationed public...

Research report

23 Dec 2015

The private rental sector has grown significantly and is now home to more than 1.8 million Australian households.

Discussion paper

9 Nov 2015

Victorians with an interest in the rental market are invited to respond to an issues paper examining how the Residential Tenancies Act 1997 (RTA) influences security of tenure for landlords and tenants.

Security of tenure refers to the degree of certainty someone has about...

Discussion paper

30 Jun 2015

Since the Residential Tenancies Act 1997 was introduced, the rental sector has changed.

A growing number of Victorians are renting, for different reasons and for different lengths of time. Although the sector has always catered for a broad range of tenants, in the past...

Discussion paper

29 May 2015

This research study investigates the effectiveness of residential investment vehicles in enhancing the supply of private rental properties in Australia and elsewhere.

Research report

3 Mar 2015

This report reviews the National Rental Affordability Scheme experience and other emerging developments around the institutional financing of rental housing. Drawing on interviews with finance experts and senior policymakers, as well as a review of recent Australian and UK publications, the report details 10 recommendations...

Research report

20 Aug 2014

This report shows that over 1 million people are living in private rental accommodation in Victoria. These tenants occupy around a quarter of all households across the state.


The TUV has analysed ABS Census data from 2011 and identified the "average‟...

Research report

7 Apr 2014

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: As home ownership rates decline across all age cohorts, the suboptimal quantity, allocation, and security of housing opportunities in the rental market has received increasing policy attention. To date, fiscal strategies for attracting investment towards rental housing have had limited success, especially...

Journal article

16 Jan 2014

This paper draws on findings of a study on security of occupancy to discuss the ability of private renters to exercise control over their dwellings in Australia.

Research report

29 Jul 2013

This research project investigated the marginal rental housing market, which includes boarding or rooming houses and residential (caravan) park accommodation and provided a typology of marginal rental housing.

Research report

30 Jun 2013

This project was developed in response to the anecdotal evidence of the poor standard of rental accommodation available to low income earners of the western suburbs of Melbourne, coupled with the lack of tenant-initiated repairs disputes at VCAT.



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