assisted dying

Journal article
31 July 2016

This article considers the implications that recent euthanasia developments in Belgium might have for the Australian debate on assisted dying.

Audio lecture/presentation
2 December 2015

Andrew Denton understands that it is a difficult moral question, but is passionate that we need to have a humane and civilised option for our own death made available in Australia.

Video lecture/presentation
26 November 2015

Professor Peter Singer (Princeton) and Associate Professor Charles Camosy (Fordham University) debated the ethics of euthanasia and assisted suicide at the International Conference on End of Life...

4 September 2014

Among doctors who practise in the end-of-life field, there are some significant knowledge gaps about the law on withholding and withdrawing life-sustaining treatment from adults who lack decision-...

Journal article
30 May 2014

Despite high levels of support for law reform recorded amongst the Australian public and a reasonable section of the medical profession, voluntary euthanasia has remained illegal in Australia.  ...

6 May 2013

This updated version (of an October 2010 issues backgrounder) takes account of the recent introduction of the Rights of the Terminally Ill Bill in New South Wales. Recent cases in...

26 April 2013

This report on voluntary euthanasia law reform by think-tank Australia21 and QUT Health Law Research Centre was launched as Parliament House in Canberra on 26 April 2013. The report recommends...

2 August 2012

This article highlights the range of real policy development, process and value issues that need to be addressed before further policy change can be considered in this area.

19 November 2010

The Australian euthanasia debate is inviting us to conclude that lives lived with disability are often not worth living, while actual disability experience points to a contrary reality. ...