2015 Most Viewed - Education & Training

The most popular Education & Training publications posted on Policy Online during 2015.

Discussion paper
23 June 2015

This paper asks whether the Federation provides the system of national governance that Australians need right now, and whether it will help or hinder efforts to adapt and thrive in the vastly...

10 June 2014

This report outlines findings from an international online survey of 711 academics about their use of social media as part of their work conducted in January 2014.

13 April 2015

Ten million Australians are members of their local public library, and one million are enrolled at university. However, in 2015, public libraries and universities are sharing a challenge – adapt...

16 June 2015

This report questions some of the key education reform policies pursued by governments in the last twenty years.

29 January 2015

An approach that puts emphasis on increased contestability and student choice can maximise the public value for the government’s investment in VET, according to this report.

Discussion paper
31 July 2015

As a response to worrying levels of youth disengagement and unemployment, this paper considers youth transitions and pathways via 11 themes: policy; consultation; funding / youth specific programs...

30 March 2015

Australia ranks 29th out of 30 in the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) in terms of the proportion of large businesses and small to medium enterprises (SMEs)...

Conference paper
25 July 2014

Rather than reviewing the evidence regarding existing services for children, this paper focuses more broadly on what we know about child development – how children learn and what children need....

13 February 2015

This report provides recommendations intended to achieve improvements in both the content and delivery of initial teacher education courses in Australia.

28 May 2015

Hong Kong, Korea, Singapore, and Shanghai have some of the world's highest ranked education systems - so why are they undergoing drastic reform? In this report, Mitchell Professorial Fellow Yong...