2015 Most Viewed - Health & Wellbeing

The most popular Health & Wellbeing publications posted on Policy Online during 2015.

Discussion paper
23 June 2015

This paper asks whether the Federation provides the system of national governance that Australians need right now, and whether it will help or hinder efforts to adapt and thrive in the vastly...

27 March 2015

These five shortlisted essays from the Gavin Mooney Memorial Essay Competition look at mental health from a variety of perspectives

23 November 2015

Despite promising to keep Medicare Locals, the Abbott government abolished the fledgling organisations after it took office, writes economist John Thompson

Discussion paper
15 January 2015

A discussion paper on out-of-pocket costs, focusing on Medicare-funded services. The paper sets out the parameters of the problem and canvasses some promising areas where solutions may be found....

7 August 2015

This report documents the mental health of young Australians based on a survey conducted in the homes of over 6,300 families with children and/or adolescents aged 4 to 17 years.

22 December 2014

This report presents up-to-date statistics on cardiovascular disease, diabetes and chronic kidney disease in Australia, as well as trends on hospitalisations from these chronic diseases.

Conference paper
25 July 2014

Rather than reviewing the evidence regarding existing services for children, this paper focuses more broadly on what we know about child development – how children learn and what children need....

4 November 2014

This report provides recommended action to accelerate place-based efforts to improve children’s wellbeing and address inequalities in Australia, based on project findings.

Discussion paper
31 July 2014

This paper focuses on carers, that is those who deliver informal (unpaid) care to young people with disability, and particularly those carers who share their home with the person they are caring...

23 December 2014

Growing Up in Australia: The Longitudinal Study of Australian Children (LSAC) has now produced five waves of data, capturing information on young children growing up and now entering...