2015 Most Viewed - Indigenous

The most popular Indigenous issues publications posted on Policy Online during 2015.

Video lecture/presentation
19 January 2015

Every second young person in detention in Australia is Indigenous. The human impact of this confronting statistic is the destruction of families, the weakening of communities and the inadvertent...

28 February 2015

The Bringing them home report of 1997, uncovered, documented and traced the grief and loss experienced by many individuals, families and communities.  Based on extensive consultation the...

11 February 2015

This report shows that although there has been some improvement in education and health outcomes for Indigenous Australians, most Closing the Gap targets are not on track to be met.

Journal article
5 January 2015

'Systems thinking', is a wildly complex discipline and this piece of work aims to build greater systems literacy and familiarity as it explores the applicability of systems thinking to social...

Journal article
10 February 2015

This special edition presents selections of Prof Altman’s writing's on a range of issues: from further evaluation of the Northern Territory intervention, the failure of homelands policy,...

27 March 2015

This report, a joint effort of a group of Indigenous leaders from across Australia brought together by the Jawun Indigenous Partnerships Corporation, proposes an Indigenous Empowerment framework...

Journal article
10 April 2015

The high rate of Indigenous incarceration is a problem for public policy and so for historical and social analysis. This paper compares and contrasts two recent attempts at such analysis by Thalia...

Discussion paper
9 January 2015

The competing principles framework for analysing Australian Indigenous affairs is revisited, starting with Rowse on 'the Coombs experiment'. Rowse rehabilitates this term from pejorative critics,...

24 October 2014

This manual provides practical guidance on integrated long-term planning, particularly in the context of rural-remote and Indigenous Australian councils. The report includes case studies,...

18 March 2015

This report provides an overview of Maori who run their own business (self-employed, either working alone or employing others).