2015 Most Viewed - Politics & Social Issues

The most popular Politics & Social Issues publications posted on Policy Online during 2015.

26 March 2015

Australia has the fastest population growth of major developed countries, and projections show a reduced infrastructure spend per capita, putting huge pressure on major cities.

17 February 2015

This is the first national Australian longitudinal study investigating the economic, personal and social costs of youth homelessness over time across a broad range of locations.

22 June 2015

Using mainstream economic analysis to review the market itself, the authors found high search costs, demand risk, problems with exchange, and lack of competition present key barriers to achieving...

2 March 2015

Presents information on asylum claims, unauthorised arrivals and irregular migration in Australia and Europe, to help address some of the popular misconceptions that surround asylum issues.

5 March 2015

This fourth Intergenerational Report contains analysis of the key drivers of economic growth – population, participation and productivity – and examines what projected changes in these areas mean...

Discussion paper
30 March 2015

This paper is intended to start a national conversation on tax reform and invites submissions from the public.

Journal article
5 January 2015

'Systems thinking', is a wildly complex discipline and this piece of work aims to build greater systems literacy and familiarity as it explores the applicability of systems thinking to social...

Discussion paper
15 January 2015

A discussion paper on out-of-pocket costs, focusing on Medicare-funded services. The paper sets out the parameters of the problem and canvasses some promising areas where solutions may be found....

11 August 2015

The Open data study reveals new insights into the innovate ways Australian organisations are using open government data.

23 December 2014

Growing Up in Australia: The Longitudinal Study of Australian Children (LSAC) has now produced five waves of data, capturing information on young children growing up and now entering...