2015 Most Viewed - Science & Technology

The most popular Science & Technology publications posted on Policy Online during 2015.

30 April 2015

While technology and innovation are transforming Australia's economy, they are also the solution to the country's workforce and growth challenge, argues this report.

29 July 2015

This report argues that the number, type and sophistication of cyber security threats to Australia and Australians are increasing.

1 November 2014

This study offers conservative estimates of the value and benefits to Australia of making publicly-funded research data freely available, and examines the role and contribution of data...

11 August 2015

The Open data study reveals new insights into the innovate ways Australian organisations are using open government data.

25 May 2015

This project sets our the preconditions and best practice principles for establishing social licence to operate.

28 May 2015

Hong Kong, Korea, Singapore, and Shanghai have some of the world's highest ranked education systems - so why are they undergoing drastic reform? In this report, Mitchell Professorial Fellow Yong...

13 February 2015

This document sets out to explain the current situation in climate science, including where there is consensus in the scientific community and where uncertainties exist.

Discussion paper
15 December 2014

To deliver an empowering, sustainable and nationally consistent approach to ensuring NDIS participants have ready access to the quality assistive technology they require to fully participate in...

23 January 2015

The Commonwealth Government will establish a Digital Transformation Office (DTO) within the Department of Communications so that government services can be delivered digitally from start to finish...

18 March 2015

Examines survey respondents' beliefs about whether they felt they had been left behind by information and communication technology (ICT) developments, and whether they were worried about being...