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Research report

24 Oct 2013

For students with disability, there are entrenched barriers to receiving an inclusive education in Australia.


All children in Australia have the right to an inclusive education. However, there are many barriers to the realisation of this right in the lived experience...


23 Jan 2013

This National Security Strategy (the Strategy) is Australia’s first. It provides an overarching framework for our national security efforts, and sets priorities for the next five years. The Strategy is an important next step following the 2008 National Security Statement, which articulated Australia’s national security...


28 Nov 2011

Work is defined broadly as productive activity that requires time, energy and skill. It includes paid employment as well as unpaid care and domestic work. Across cultures and throughout history most women have worked. However, their options were extremely limited, usually restricted to care and...


26 Oct 2011

Long-term unemployment is defined as a person being unemployed for over 52 weeks.

Of approximately 640,000 unemployed Centrelink customers in 2010, over 370,000 (59%) were identified as long-term unemployed – that is, having been in receipt of income support for over 52 weeks (FaHCSIA,...

Research report

27 Feb 2007

Despite our nation's recent strong economic growth, some communities remain caught in a spiral of low school attainment, high unemployment, poor health, high imprisonment rates and child abuse, according to this report, by Tony Vinson, which maps the distribution of social disadvantage throughout Australia....



29 Sep 2004

It was hell going on it and even more difficult coming off it. After three years of taking Aropax, a commonly prescribed anti-depressant/ anti-anxiety medication, I was feeling great. I was optimistic about the future and wanted to see what life after Aropax might look...