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6 Dec 2017

Australia’s Aged Care Diversity Framework is a timely and important step towards a more inclusive future for aged care services in Australia. Whether barriers to appropriate aged care are perceived or real, they must be addressed to meet the diverse needs of the community.


27 Nov 2017

The growing dominance of private providers has led to lower standards of care. But will baby boomers put up with it?


23 Nov 2017

This report reviews the actions undertaken to implement the principles and goals of the LGBTI strategy and considers the success of the strategy – and opportunities for improvement – from the perspectives of stakeholders.


14 Nov 2017

This report compiles existing research and data to present an overview of the current issues around ageing and homelessness in Australia. The report explores the precursors and drivers of homelessness for older people, and also provides solutions and recommendations to respond to the growing problem....


7 Nov 2017

This strategy document aims to create age-friendly communities across the Pilbara and the Kimberley, while encouraging more seniors support services and greater local employment in aged care.

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31 Oct 2017

A raft of aged care experts say the 'Carnell Report' has missed the point, and the focus needs to be on staffing ratios and training.


25 Oct 2017

This review examined whether current systems provide assurance that aged care recipients receive appropriate care and that failures of care are rapidly identified and addressed.

Research report

24 Oct 2017

Aged care homes are places where our most frail and vulnerable older people live. How do we ensure the highest possible standards of care in aged care homes?

Research report

12 Sep 2017

People are living thirty years longer than they did a century ago but our social structures are slow to adapt. Australia’s workplaces, educational, health and community institutions need to be rethought and reinvented to gain optimal outcomes for the new longevity economy to function effectively...

Discussion paper

13 Jul 2017

This discussion paper seeks views on how future reform can best support older Australians to remain living at home and in their communities.

Working paper

21 Oct 2016

One-third of older Australians are from culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) backgrounds (ABS 2012). Knowing how this population group accesses aged care is a key issue in ensuring equitable and need-appropriate service delivery.

The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW) has been funded...

Working paper

21 Oct 2016

The length of time care recipients spend accessing aged care is an important measure of demand for services and levels of service utilisation. Improving understanding of length of stay (LOS), particularly when compared across residential aged care and community-based care, can provide insight into service...

Research report

21 Oct 2016

Over the last thirty years, policy direction, and consequently program development, has been influenced by a small number of underlying principles. These include that many older Australians: prefer to live in the community rather than in residential care; prefer to ‘age in place’ rather than...

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1 Jun 2016

Accessible transportation is a key aspect of independent living. As the impact of population ageing on future transport systems is expected to be increasingly felt over the next few decades in a number of countries, including Australia and Japan, it is logical to recognise the...


6 Nov 2015

More than any other social policy issue in Australia, the issue of ageing for CALD Australians is one that is not only an imperative but also one in which the data demonstrates the importance of this segment across the breadth of ageing Australia.


Research report

19 May 2015

This Action Plan is a key outcome of Strategy to Safeguard the Rights of Older South Australians 2014-2021.

To quote the South Australian Charter of the Rights and Freedoms of Older People ‘Older people have the right to be treated with dignity and humanity...

Research report

14 Apr 2015

One of the major structural changes facing Australia over coming decades is the ageing of the population. A challenge for government is how to meet the transport requirements of Australia’s senior population as their mobility declines. Transport can provide seniors with an essential link to...

Research report

13 May 2011

Elder abuse is a significant issue for the Western Australian community, as the population is ageing and the percentage of people over age 65 is increasing exponentially.

This research examines the extent of elder abuse in Western Australia, synthesising qualitative and quantitative information from...

Research report

21 Jan 2009

The Victorian Government is developing policies that respond to population ageing. The Ministerial Advisory Council of Senior Victorians conducted consultations in May and June 2008 to allow members of the community to contribute their ideas about how to make Victoria a better place for older...

Research report

15 Dec 2005

The findings of this research are intended to provide policy makers, service providers and organisations working with refugees, with an overview of the broad issues affecting refugee seniors as well as detailed information on the needs of specific communities in Victoria.