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22 Feb 2018

Australia is approaching an important window of opportunity to change our approach to the use of space for defence and national security purposes and, more broadly, to the establishment of a sovereign space industry


21 Feb 2018

In a wide-ranging speech about the newly created Home Affairs portfolio, Peter Dutton has emphasized Australian values as well as national security - but managing migration levels will remain a key task.


20 Feb 2018

The ASEAN–Australia summit in Sydney in March is the launch point for a discussion of what much closer cooperation could mean for the future of the ASEAN Community.


19 Feb 2018

This speech, delivered by Australian Foreign Minister, Julie Bishop, provides some interesting pointers on how the Australian government’s foreign policy has evolved within a short period of time.


25 Oct 2017

US–Russia relations are more problematic and acrimonious than at any time since the end of the Cold War.


4 Oct 2017

This resource outlines Australia's cyber affairs agenda for the next three years, with the hope of creating the environment for digital trade to generate economic growth and opportunities for Australia.


24 Aug 2017

This paper argues that the strategic challenges facing East Asia are being amplified by economic uncertainty and by the narrow reliance of governments on their ability to deliver growth for political legitimacy.


16 Aug 2017

Britain has spiralled into political failure since voting to leave the European Union. What happened, and what happens next? David Hayes takes a look.


14 Feb 2017


Whereas the November 2016 issue of Policy Quarterly focused on local government, this issue takes a global perspective. In particular, it explores the major challenges facing humanity in the 21st century, and it does so through the lens of ‘global studies’. The articles...



16 Jun 2016

A majority of Australians think the United Kingdom should stay in the European Union, according to new Lowy Institute polling. In a decisive result, 51% of Australian adults say the United Kingdom ‘should remain a member of the European Union’, while only 19% say it...

Journal article

28 Apr 2016

The author discusses anxieties about the stability and fragility of South Pacific states, yet by specifying that all three of the key Strategic Defence Objectives mentioned in The 2016 Defence White Paper are “equally-weighted”, it elevates other regions to the same level of strategic import....

Research report

31 Mar 2016

Examines Japanese security policy under Abe, identifies the constants and constraints that frame that policy, and attempts to project where Japan will go in the near-term future.

Executive Summary Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is determined to restore the shine to Japan and ensure...

Research report

31 Mar 2016

These Policy Proposals are the product of a three-year Australian Research Council-funded project on ‘Strengthening the Rule of Law through the UN Security Council’. The project is a collaboration between the Australian National University’s Centre for International Governance and Justice and the Australian Government’s Australian...


20 Jan 2016

Malcolm Turnbull has directly lobbied US legislators to pass the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement, which he describes as “a very critical part of America’s continued presence in the Asia-Pacific”.

Turnbull stressed the TPP’s importance in his talks with politicians on Capitol Hill, who included...



1 Oct 2015

With a third of New Zealand’s two-year United Nations Security Council stint already complete, it’s timely to determine whether a distinct and consistent New Zealand view has been emerging on the Council.

Undertaking this assessment means getting through a veritable pile of statements which...

Research report

1 Jul 2015

The ANZUS Alliance in an Ascending Asia

Editor’s Foreword

Welcome to a special edition of the Centre of Gravity series. This is a jointly published report with the Centre for Strategic & International Studies.

In 1942 it was said that Australia...



19 Jun 2015

Two recent Incline contributions have considered how New Zealand should seek to position itself to meet the challenges of, in Hugh White’s words, an increasingly "contested Asia" where, Matt Hill suggests "while we might not be interested in strategic competition, strategic competition is interested in...

Research report

24 Apr 2015

In this final installment in the Maritime Strategy Series of working papers, “Indirect Cost Imposition Strategies in the South China Sea: U.S. Leadership and ASEAN Centrality,” Dr. Carlyle A. Thayer assesses the implications of China’s assertions of control over the South China Sea for the...