Security, International

14 February 2017

This special issue takes a global perspective and explores the major challenges facing humanity in the 21st century through the lens of ‘global studies’.

16 June 2016

A majority of Australians think the United Kingdom should stay in the European Union, according to new Lowy Institute polling.

Journal article
28 April 2016

Discusses anxieties about the stability and fragility of South Pacific states, yet by specifying that all three of the key Strategic Defence Objectives mentioned in The 2016 Defence White Paper ...

31 March 2016

This report discusses the relationship between the United Nations Security Council and the rule of law when it uses three of its most prominent tools for the maintenance of international peace and...

31 March 2016

Examines Japanese security policy under Abe, identifies the constants and constraints that frame that policy, and attempts to project where Japan will go in the near-term future.

20 January 2016

Malcolm Turnbull has directly lobbied US legislators to pass the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement, which he describes as “a very critical part of America’s continued presence in the Asia-...

Alley, Roderic

Review(s) of: Regionalism, security and cooperation in Oceania, by Editors Rouben Azizian and Carleton Cramer, Published by Asia-Pacific Center for Security Studies, Honolulu, 2015, 172pp.

Steff, Reuben

In recent decades a new international structure has emerged, dramatically increasing the incentives for co-operation. New Zealand should capitalise on this by adopting a new foreign policy paradigm. It should consider a new approach - strategic liberalism - as the foundational underpinning of...

1 October 2015

With a third of New Zealand’s two-year United Nations Security Council stint already complete, it’s timely to determine whether a distinct and consistent New Zealand view has been emerging on the...

1 July 2015

This paper presents a candid audit of ANZUS, comparing and contrasting United States and Australian expectations of the Alliance.