social inequality

Journal article
4 January 2017

The aim of this paper is to analyses residential solar PV feed-in tariffs (FiT) policy history to inform the development of a sustainable flexible pricing regime to enhance the diffusion of energy...

15 October 2016

As the nature of work has changed, so too must the education curriculum. Skills and technical knowledge that were once a necessity for the work environment have now become redundant, and have been...

21 August 2016

This report was a major policy project of the Chifley Research Centre and examines the threat to Australia’s future economic growth presented by growing inequality - and suggests new policies to...

7 April 2016

This paper provides an overview of poverty and well-being trends in India since the mid-1990s.

31 January 2015

In the study the authors took a first step toward creating an operational framework for measuring tangible outcomes of internet use and linking these to the inequalities identified by digital...

1 January 2015

This book discusses the current state of digital divides, ranging from global challenges in universal access to new opportunities for greater digital inclusiveness (e-inclusion).

1 June 2014

This Bulletin continues a series reporting on the social inclusion and exclusion of young Australians with disabilities. It finds that social exclusion has increased markedly over time.

1 February 2013

Left Behind compares the health status of young Australians with and without disabilities across 2001-2011 to investigate trends in the widening gap in social inclusion between the two groups.

Working paper
1 February 2001

After reviewing data on Internet penetration, the authors describe five dimensions of digital inequality - in equipment, autonomy of use, skill, social support, and the purposes for which the...