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14 March 2017

The media of the world may be facing a crisis more serious than a media economy in free fall, a crisis involving the foundations itself: Trust. Not the trust in the single newspiece or the single...

Video lecture/presentation
3 March 2017

Vox's Melissa Bell delivered the Reuters Memorial Lecture, 'We Broke the News. How do we fix it?'

2 March 2017

This report finds that teens and young adults express low levels of trust in the news media and use a variety of strategies to confirm, verify, and clarify the stories they care about.

Blog post
24 February 2017

The second post in the LSE Media Policy Blog's series on 'fake' news illustrates the underlying structures of the online advertising industry that make fake news lucrative.

23 February 2017

This article argues that journalists literally 'make' news - but to make news, with all of its inevitable departures from reality, is not to fake it.

16 February 2017

European news organisations thought they’d scored a victory last fall when the European Commission supported their idea to create a special protection for digital journalism, the linchpin of their...

Blog post
13 February 2017

Hannah Marsh reviews the recent Reuters Memorial Lecture, entitled 'We Broke the News. How do we Fix it?' - delivered by Melissa Bell, of Vox.

9 February 2017

This study seeks to discern the nuances of Americans' digital news habits, and sheds light on whether people are actually aware of the sources of news they consume.

6 February 2017

This article examines how newsrooms are shifting their policies in the wake of the recent US election, showing more openness to hiring journalists outside their headquarters cities and even...

Blog post
2 February 2017

Adopting the role of a good neighbour does not mean abandoning critical perspective. It’s an opportunity to ensure that local newspapers are at the heart of the conversations taking place in their...