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New South Wales--Broken Hill


18 Aug 2017

Communities in the Far West are among Australia’s most diverse, self-reliant and forward-looking. Leveraging these community strengths through regional coordination and local leadership will create strong networks and a stronger, more resilient and capable Far West. Distance is a constant...


15 Dec 2016

This Draft Regional Plan aims to guide the NSW Government’s land use planning priorities and decisions in the Far West over the next 20 years. It is not intended to be a step-by-step approach to all land use planning. Rather, it provides an overarching framework to guide subsequent and more...

Research report

15 May 2007

This project came about after the death of local artist Pro Hart in 2006 led to concerns that the arts sector in far western NSW was both ageing and declining. Instead researchers Lisa Andersen and Jane Andrew found a confident, growing sector where professional visual artists in Broken Hill...

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