Electronic commerce


5 Dec 2017

The arrival of Amazon in Australia may signal a change in how we navigate industrial relations and workers rights.


28 Mar 2017

Australians are increasingly moving away from paying cash when they go shopping or eat out. But security experts are warning that the convenience of a cashless society comes with some serious privacy concerns.

The more people use their cards the more their activity can...


25 Jan 2017

Alternatives to cash are a relatively recent development in Asia Pacific. The most common are credit cards or debit cards, both of which have been subject to fraud. Electronic payments can now replace cash for most transactions and it is this move to e-wallets that...


27 Oct 2014

Imposing the GST on different types of imports has been a contentious topic for some time. Different parts of Australian society stand to benefit or lose significantly depending on how, or whether, the system is changed. This paper outlines the regulatory framework, including the relationship...

Journal article

1 Mar 2013

This article examines the renewed popularity of the handmade by examining the current renaissance in the street credibility of previously disparaged women's craft practices, particularly those employing yarn (for example knitting, crochet, needlepoint and weaving) and fabric (sewing, felting). The author historically locates current debates...

27 Sep 2012

Australians are among the most enthusiastic online shoppers in the world.

Our most recent survey, published in the CCi Digital Futures report, The Internet in Australia 2012 , has found a quarter of Australian internet users make weekly purchases online, compared to...


4 Aug 2011

Not so long ago many were speculating on the future of the post office, with the decline in its old core business, letters. But right now the post office has a new core business delivering the goods that everyone is buying online.



3 Nov 2006

On 27 October 2006 the Federal Court of Australia ordered Clarity1 Pty Ltd to pay $4.5 million and its managing director, Mr Wayne Mansfield, $1 million for breaches of the Spam Act 2003. The penalties follow a ruling by the Federal Court earlier this year...


30 Apr 2003

E-commerce technologies are changing the business realities of rural non-farm businesses, but this change is incremental rather than revolutionary. This study provides a snapshot into rural Australia to determine the reality of the implications of electronic commerce for rural non-farm businesses. Undertaken against the backdrop...



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