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8 November 2016

This case study reports on the role and importance of Islamic studies and faith in community Islamic schools in Adelaide and Darwin.

15 September 2016

An increasing number of international students are studying in higher education in English-speaking countries, and many local students come from backgrounds where English is not their primary...

15 September 2016

Global mobility has dramatically changed the demographic profile of universities in predominantly English-speaking countries. Many international students choose study abroad opportunities in...

31 May 2016

The goal of the three-year project entitled Maximising Intensivity and Continuity in Language Learning: Developing, Implementing and Evaluating Models of Provision was to pilot three models of...

21 March 2016

This case study explores how Muslim and non-Muslim students, school leadership, counsellors, teachers and parents reflect on, interpret and manage the experience of engagement and exchange in the...

26 April 2015

This report is based on an extensive study of communication in aged care in this context of cultural and linguistic diversity within the aged care sector, and provides recommendations on how...

30 May 2014

This document reports on the ‘Review of Languages Retention from the Middle Years to the Senior Years of Schooling’ undertaken for the South Australian Department for Education and Child...

30 November 2013

The aims and scope of the evaluation were to evaluate the appropriateness of the First Language Maintenance and Development (FLMD) programs for contemporary schooling and to ascertain how...

10 October 2011

This project is an evaluation of Queensland’s immersion education programs for languages in Queensland schools. This evaluation is being undertaken to ensure that maximum benefit and optimum...

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Journal article
31 August 2016

While a number of investigations of online language learning behaviours are available, there are currently few ‘micro’ analytic studies that explore the role of different types of small talk to...

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