7 May 2018

This presentation of evidence and insights regarding the impact of single-sex schooling on student achievement was presented at the Fearless Girls Strong Women conference, Alliance of Girls Schools Australasia Educators Conference 2018.


5 Dec 2017

Using AusPlay data collected from July 2016 to June 2017, this publication delves into the participation of Australian women and girls in sport and physical activity, and the difference between male and female patterns of behaviour.


2 Nov 2017

Girls are taking up STEM subjects at a much lower rate than girls, partly due to gender bias in the community, and it could hurt their chances in the job market down the track

Research report

30 Oct 2017

This report on why many girls do not pursue study and careers in STEM has recommended a range of initiatives and programs to encourage girls’ participation in these subjects at school to better equip them to pursue careers in what are the fastest growing occupations...


Plan International Australia national survey of girls aged 10 to 17-years old - October 2017
11 Oct 2017

This survey of Australian girls (aged 10 to 17 years old) offers a rare insight into how they experiences their world.

Research report

11 Jun 2016

Executive summary

Computer education, with a focus on Computer Science, has become a core subject in the Australian Curriculum and the focus of national innovation initiatives. Equal participation by girls, however, remains unlikely based on their engagement with computing in recent decades....

Research report

Australian young women and girls report online abuse and harassment are endemic
13 May 2016

Reveals Australian teenage girls’ perceptions about uninvited sexually explicit images, pressure to take and send sexy photographs and cyber bullying.

Research report

7 Jul 2015

Summary: This paper establishes the current state of knowledge on tertiary responses to violence and abuse for women and girls with disabilities.

The paper outlines:

tertiary responses to violence and abuse for women and young women with disabilities; and what the evidence...

Research report

1 Jul 2015

This paper proposes a way forward that can marry our ambition with action and ultimately lead to the achievement of universal education for all girls defined by 12 years of primary and secondary school.

Girls have big dreams for their lives, no matter where...

Research report

11 Jun 2015

This report presents the results of an assessment of reading, writing and mathematical literacy of Class 6 students in 13 provinces in Afghanistan in relation to the gender of students.


The purpose of the Monitoring Trends in Educational Growth of is...

Research report

19 Jun 2014

Broad improvements in educational performance and school attendance among Aboriginal girls will only occur with support programs tailored to their variety of needs and interests, argues this report.


Higher levels of education are related to a range of social and economic...

Research report

17 Feb 2014

This report presents an evaluation of the Aboriginal Girls’ Circle, an intervention targeted to increase social connection, participation and self-confidence amongst Aboriginal girls attending secondary schools.


The Aboriginal Girls’ Circle (AGC) is an intervention targeted to increase social connection, participation and...

Research report

19 Nov 2013

This report finds that girls and young women across Australia have achieved equity in education, but gaps remain in workforce participation.

About this report

In 2012, COAG and the Select Council on Women’s Issues asked the COAG Reform Council to report on...

Research report

1 Nov 2012

Funded by the AMP Foundation this report has been written by social research organisation Effective Philanthropy. It explores what programs can usefully be funded to support Aboriginal women and girls to realise their full potential. It specifically looks at the types of programs that can...

Research report

22 Oct 2012

In 2010-11, there were 1,190 young women under juvenile justice supervision in Australia on an average day and 2,620 during the year. Most (93%) young women were supervised in the community, with the remainder in detention. Young women spent around 2 weeks less than young...

Research report

19 Sep 2012

This background paper was prepared to inform discussions at an expert group meeting on prevention of violence against women and girls. Convened for 17–20 September 2012 in Bangkok, as part of the preparations for the fifty-seventh session of the Commission on the status of women....


9 Jul 2012

Why are girl gamers being harassed and abused online? We meet the founder of the Older Wiser Lifestyles program helping people who develop an addiction later in life. Plus the first in our series celebrating that it's never too late to learn.


Journal article

3 May 2012

A distinct Australian identity is developing in the west. It comes from the Pilbara as a product of the mining industry, along with iron ore and our ‘comparative advantage'. By propping up Australia's economy in hard times, the mining industry is shaping notions of what...

Research report

5 Mar 2012

When you think of someone who is an engineer, do you imagine a man or a woman wearing a hardhat? How about when you imagine a teacher standing in front of a class of school children? If you answer "a man" to the first question,...

5 Mar 2012

Boys and girls behave differently, and parenting practices vary depending on the gender of the child, writes Gehan Roberts of the Conversation.


New evidence is emerging that confirms what parents and children have reported for generations: Boys seem to have more...



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