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13 Sep 2016

Central to this paper are pedagogies for social justice and improved engagement of boys in dance within a school located in an area of high socio-economic disadvantage.


11 Jun 2015

This report presents the results of an assessment of reading, writing and mathematical literacy of Class 6 students in 13 provinces in Afghanistan in relation to the gender of students.


The purpose of the Monitoring Trends in Educational Growth of is...


30 Jun 2014

This report explores the achievement of school leavers from state and state-integrated boys' schools. The analysis from 2010 to 2012 shows school leavers from state boys’ schools had higher qualifications than their male counterparts who attended state co-educational schools.

The research was carried out...


5 Mar 2012

When you think of someone who is an engineer, do you imagine a man or a woman wearing a hardhat? How about when you imagine a teacher standing in front of a class of school children? If you answer "a man" to the first question,...

5 Mar 2012

Boys and girls behave differently, and parenting practices vary depending on the gender of the child, writes Gehan Roberts of the Conversation.


New evidence is emerging that confirms what parents and children have reported for generations: Boys seem to have more...


31 Dec 2009

Information and communication technologies revolutionise not only the speed at which information can be transmitted, but also how information is conveyed and received.

Technological innovations have a profound effect on the types of skills that are demanded in today’s labour markets and the types...

Discussion paper

18 Jun 2009

Going to a single-sex school makes teenage girls more competitive than if they attend a co-educational school, a study of adolescent behaviour has found.

Using a controlled experiment, we examine the role of nurture in explaining the stylized fact that women shy away from...


16 Feb 2009

Using a controlled experiment, this paper examines the role of nurture in explaining the stylized fact that women shy away from competition.

The subjects (students just under 15 years of age) attend publicly-funded single-sex and coeducational schools. The authors find robust differences between the...


24 Jan 2008

It is widely believed that one in three Australian girls and one in from five to ten boys are sexually abused before they leave school. Using Australian and international research findings, this paper shows that the vulnerability and victimization of boys is substantially under-recognised and...


26 Jul 2004

This publication provides descriptive epidemiological and service provision data concerning children's dental health in Australia, using data from the Child Dental Health Survey, which monitors the dental health of children enrolled in state and territory government-run school dental services, for the year 2000.



1 Jun 2002

This paper by Anna Kraack and Jane Kenway, first published in Special Issue of Rural Sociology on Rural Youth (2002), focuses on rural young people in time and space, examining the implications of changes in their location for their youthful identities and reputations-particularly those of...


1 Jan 2002


In the past decade there has been a growing perception in Australia that girls have become more successful pursuing their educational goals than boys - especially in educational outcomes relating to literacy.

In addition there is evidence from a range of...



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