Journal article
15 January 2017

This article outlines the findings from the first large-scale comparison of prices simultaneously collected from the websites and physical stores of fifty-six large multi-channel retailers in ten...

20 July 2016

In this report, Richard Holden argues that the economic case for compensating existing taxi licence plate holders is not strong.

5 May 2016

This report outlines how Australian companies are taking advantage of economic convergence, global value chains and the opportunities presented by digital technologies.

Journal article
24 July 2015

This article argues that the exponential growth of an online craft economy can be viewed as part of the process of the folding of the economy into society, positioning the home as an increasingly...

Conference paper
15 December 2010

The term ‘digital economy’ covers the global network of economic and social activities that are enabled by digital information and communication technologies such as the internet, mobile and...

30 April 2003

E-commerce technologies are changing the business realities of rural non-farm businesses, but this change is incremental rather than revolutionary. This study provides a snapshot into rural...