Parliamentary Budget Office (Australia)

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Source Acronym: PBO

Owning Institution: Parliament of Australia

Source Type: Government

8 February 2017

This publication discusses scenarios for the drawdown of funds from the Future Fund to meet unfunded superannuation cash payments and the budget implications of those scenarios.

12 January 2017

These charts provide a visual summary of the key drivers of the 2016–17 Mid-Year Economic and Fiscal Outlook (MYEFO), and the policy decisions underpinning them.

14 December 2016

This paper discusses the budget impact of the Commonwealth’s equity and debt financing of the NBN and the associated fiscal risks.

2 November 2016

This report provides an update to the national fiscal outlook based on Commonwealth and state government 2016-17 budgets.

5 August 2016

The Parliamentary Budget Officer is required, within thirty days after the end of the caretaker period for a general election, to prepare a post-election report of election commitments.

12 April 2016

This report discusses the size and costs of the Higher Education Loan Programme (HELP) and provides an estimate of the impact of the programme on the underlying cash balance. 

22 August 2014

Discusses the outlook for and drivers of Australian Government spending to help inform discussion about the sustainability of spending over the medium term.

15 April 2014

To help place developments in revenue in perspective, and identify trends that can be obscured by short-term fluctuations, this report examines trends in Australian Government receipts over three...

22 May 2013

Under Section 64E of the Parliamentary Service Act 1999 (the Act) the Parliamentary Budget Officer is required to conduct, on his or her own initiative, research on and analysis of the...