Social housing

27 April 2017

Housing affordability for the most disadvantaged Australians won't be fixed by a government-backed bank, or 'bond aggregator', according to new research by the Centre for Independent Studies.

21 March 2017

A promising federal government homelessness strategy dissipated for lack of funding and political will, writes Lesley Russell.

16 March 2017

This cost benefit analysis found that it is cheaper to provide last resort housing to homeless people than to leave them 'sleeping rough.'

2 March 2017

This study investigates the role housing assistance, housing wealth and home ownership mortgages have on individuals’ incentive to work or on other employment decisions. The study also explores...

1 March 2017

Outlines research undertaken to gain insights into the mental health and wellbeing of Airds residents in South-Western Sydney during a time of housing renewal from predominantly social housing, to...

Audio program
30 January 2017

A housing development in south London conceived in a partnership between the local council and Australian property mogul Lend Lease has so far managed to decrease the amount of affordable housing...

Briefing paper
28 November 2016

The research examined the impact of programs providing social housing with support for people experiencing homelessness under the National Partnership Agreement on Homelessness (NPAH).

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9 October 2016

The eviction of social housing tenants from Sydney's CBD is nearly complete. Heritage, history and the wellbeing of an ageing population has been traded off to build more social housing elsewhere...

8 October 2016

The proportion of aged persons in Australia is set to increase significantly, posing many challenges. Amongst these is the growing number of households who lack housing security in retirement.