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Briefing paper
23 March 2017

This briefing note critically reviews several proposals from government and business leaders on a range of 'transition mechanisms' to ease economic hardship on workers affected by proposed Sunday...

Briefing paper
22 December 2016

This paper considers the likely impact of a paid domestic violence leave provision on the payroll costs of employers.

28 November 2016

Short commentary article summarizing findings and policy implications of a research paper on threats to access to, and utilisation of, paid holiday leave in Australian employment.

Briefing paper
24 November 2016

This paper recommends that if government genuinely wants to make housing more affordable, it should turn its attention to the real causes of soaring housing prices: by cooling off property...

Briefing paper
15 November 2016

The legacy of the annual holiday has been undermined, as the evidence presented in this report clearly shows.

8 August 2016

The economic arguments in favour of cutting penalties (as advocated by lobbyists for the retail and hospitality sectors) are deeply flawed, writes Jim Standford.

Discussion paper
9 June 2016

An attempt to dig beneath vague claims about economic competence and friendliness to business, and consider more concrete indicators of economic progress.

2 June 2016

This paper lists ten key policy levers that have been invoked in other countries to support manufacturing – and which could play a positive role here, too, so long as government gives the sector...