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Speech delivered at the Australian Conference of Economists, 12 July 2018
12 Jul 2018

ACCC Chairman, Rod Sims, delivered a speech to the Australian Conference of Economists, discussing a number of inquires the ACCC is involved with, including: the digital platforms inquiry, the retail electricity prices inquiry, and the consumer data right.


Retail Electricity Pricing Inquiry - final report
11 Jul 2018

This report finds that there is a serious electricity affordability problem for consumers and businesses. The report sets out 56 recommendations to reset the National Electricity Market, boost competition, reduce costs and improve consumer and business outcomes.


26 Mar 2018

This inquiry examined policy options that apply the principles of informed user choice, competition and contestability to the provision of human services. Desirable though they may be, applying these principles has proven to be neither simple nor without cost.

Policy report

20 Feb 2018

This year, the ACCC will focus on consumer issues in broadband services and energy, competition in the financial services and commercial construction sectors, systemic consumer guarantee issues, and conduct that may contravene the new misuse of market power and concerted practices provisions.

Draft report

7 Feb 2018

This inquiry focusses on competition in Australia’s financial system as a means to improve consumer outcomes, enhance the productivity and international competitiveness of the financial system and the broader economy, and support ongoing financial system innovation — without undermining financial stability objectives.

Audio interview

7 Feb 2018

The Productivity Commission has questioned the effectiveness of the decades-old 'four pillars' banking policy, describing it as 'ad hoc' and 'redundant'.

A draft report into competition in the financial system also says the banking regulator APRA's recent 'blunt intervention' in reining in the...


3 Dec 2017

Is competitive pressure in Australia weak? How costly to Australia is market power? This report assesses the evidence and proposes policies to increase competitive pressure.


16 Nov 2017

ACCC Chairman, Rod Sims, outlines how the Harper competition reforms and the establishment of an analytics unit within the ACCC will help protect consumers from incidents of e-collusion from the rise of big data.


7 Nov 2017

This paper sets out the size and nature of Australia’s red tape problem and describes the opportunities available to policymakers to boost economic growth without further calls on the Australian taxpayer.


13 Aug 2017

This report outlines the findings of the independent panel review, which found that Victorian consumers are not gaining the benefits of a competitive retail market. The review has recommended a suite of reforms and initiatives, with eleven key recommendations to place the consumers back on...


25 Jul 2017

The Big 4 are stifling competition and economic growth. Pro-business writers are joining the push to dilute their power, writes Brett Evans.

Discussion paper

6 Jul 2017

The Productivity Commission has been asked to undertake a 12-month Inquiry into competition in Australia's financial system. This paper outlines the broad scope of the inquiry and is intended to assist people preparing a submission.

Draft report

2 Jun 2017

This inquiry is about finding ways to put the people who use human services, such as health care, social housing and family and community services, at the heart of service provision.


3 May 2017

NZME Limited and Fairfax NZ Limited and its parent company, Fairfax Media Limited, sought approval to merge the New Zealand operations of NZME Limited and Fairfax NZ Limited. The Commission is not satisfied that the merger will not have, or would not be likely to...

Research report

23 Mar 2017

This report looks at the ‘new economy,’ (peer-to-peer markets) - specifically, ride-sharing services, and outlines options for regulation and taxi industry compensation.


Ridesharing services are operating without licences and without being subject to regulation in Victoria.

Ride sourcing services can be...

Discussion paper

10 Mar 2017

Competitive neutrality requires that government business activities should not enjoy any net competitive advantages simply by virtue of public sector ownership. This ensures market competition drives efficient production by the lowest cost business.

Commonwealth, state and territory governments committed to implement competitive neutrality regimes...

Audio interview

21 Dec 2016

Book publishers are among a number of groups that have attacked a Productivity Commission report that recommends the federal government end restrictions on so-called parallel book imports before the end of next year.

The government asked the commission to look at the idea after...

Research report

7 Nov 2016

Community aged care services in Australia are undergoing major change. With the introduction of Consumer Directed Care (CDC), older adults who are eligible for assistance have control over spending their individual budget on services and can choose a service provider in an open, competitive market....

Research report

28 Sep 2016

This year’s edition highlights that declining openness is threatening growth and prosperity. It also highlights that monetary stimulus measures, such as quantitative easing, are not enough to sustain growth and must be accompanied by competitiveness reforms. Final key finding points to the fact that updated...


7 Sep 2016


Professor Ian Harper released the final Report of the Competition Policy Review (‘the Harper Review’) on 31 March 2015, making 56 recommendations to government. On 24 November 2015, the Turnbull Government released its response to the Harper Review, supporting 39 of the...



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