Financial risk management

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25 Feb 2018

This report argues that Australia should revamp how it selects major transport projects, so that governments can better know which new roads and railways are worth building and avoid squandering billions of dollars of public money on the wrong projects.

Research report

14 Dec 2017

To understand why people on low incomes do or do not take out insurance we need to understand their overall financial circumstances and the multiple risks they face.


17 Nov 2017

AUSTRAC assessed the overall ML/TF risks associated with remittances sent through remittance providers from Australia to Pacific Island countries as low. This was based on the low level of criminality associated with these remittances and the generally low value of remittances being sent to support...


15 Sep 2017

Twenty years on from the Asian Financial Crisis, this paper assesses how the region is placed to manage and mitigate risks of economic crisis, and considers Australia’s role in this.


28 Aug 2017

This risk assessment is aimed at improving the NPO sector’s own risk awareness and help NPOs to protect themselves from fraud and criminal activity.

Research report

3 Aug 2017

Market Forces’ latest research has found that 82 of Australia’s 100 largest superannuation funds disclose inadequate or no tangible evidence that they have considered the impact of climate risk on their investment portfolios.


2 Aug 2017

During 2016, the Australian Payments Network commissioned significant research on online card fraud to better target preventative measures. This research focused on the impact of CNP fraud on consumers, learnings from other countries on CNP fraud prevention, and how the online payments landscape, CNP fraud...

Briefing paper

19 Jul 2017

The Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) has announced its assessment on the additional capital required for the Australian banking sector to have capital ratios that are considered ‘unquestionably strong’.


12 Jul 2017

Australia’s first risk assessment of the securities and derivatives sector has revealed how serious and organised criminals can, and have, exploited our financial system to engage in criminal activity.

Research report

29 Jun 2017

This report, produced by a task force drawn from large banks, insurance companies, accounting firms and pension funds, aims to identify the information needed to appropriately assess and price climate-related risks and opportunities. It includes four widely adoptable recommendations on climate-related financial disclosures that are...

Policy report

10 April 2017
9 May 2017

Recommends ways to improve the strength of New Zealand's financial sector and the regulatory framework.


2 May 2017

This risk assessment contains detailed information to assist industry to understand the risks associated with stored value cards (SVCs) and how they can mitigate these risks.

Policy report

21 Apr 2017

Considers corporate disclosure of risks facing Australian businesses due to climate change or transition to low-carbon.

Research report

20 Feb 2017

Biotechnology firm managers are no strangers to uncertainty. Uncertainty surrounding the potential payoff of an investment is common for most businesses; but biotech firms are also faced with uncertainty regarding the development of an investment. The time a new biotechnology takes to progress through the...

Research report

15 Sep 2016

Every year, government agencies invest hundreds of millions of dollars in new products and services. Ministers need to know that there is a system for encouraging and providing adequate incentives for the effective and efficient use of capital resources.

Gateway™ reviews are independent peer...

Working paper

31 Dec 2014

There are two distinct regimes for bank provisioning in Australia: a forward-looking model for regulatory purposes and an incurred loss model for financial reporting. This study examines the former using a unique but confidential database. We find evidence that: (i) regulatory provisions reflect the default...

Working paper

30 Sep 2014

The increasingly intertwined banking and insurance sectors have lead to calls for stronger regulatory oversight of the insurance industry as potentially systemically risky. Ultimately systemic risk impacts the real economy, and this paper measures the risk via interconnectedness of the banking, insurance and real economy...

Research report

28 Aug 2014

This toolkit is designed to help arts organisations develop or improve their risk management practice.


Creative New Zealand commissioned this Risk Management Toolkit (Toolkit) to help managers and administrators in New Zealand arts organisations to develop or improve their risk management...

Working paper

30 Jun 2014

The use of new payment methods by the previously unbanked or underbanked holds out much hope for improved financial inclusion and consequently improved standards of living. It is important that new payment methods that enhance financial inclusion not be weighed down by overly burdensome regulation...

Discussion paper

15 Dec 2013

This Noetic Note presents what Noetic has observed and learned in the process of developing and implementing investment management.