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Video program
26 March 2017

This "Sunday" television current affairs story journeys down the Selwyn River in New Zealand investigating the impact of dairy farming, climate change and irrigation in causing reduced flow and...

Video program
21 June 2016

This episode examines the causes of asthma and allergies, the physiological effects of poverty and social isolation, and predicting mental illness and Alzheimer’s by looking at the back of people’...

Video program
14 June 2016

Tracks the hunt for the fundamental developmental mechanism that completely rewrites the nature versus nurture argument using three specific examples - violence in men, depression, and cannabis...

Video program
7 June 2016

Examines causes of life-course persistent offenders (people who are going to continue offending regardless), and people who given the right conditions will return to become mainstream citizens....

Video program
31 May 2016

Focuses on a child's early years and how their mannerisms and behaviour may indicate what sort of adult they may become.