mining boom

Research report
21 April 2017

This initial report considers the geographic impacts of the transition of the Australian economy following the resources investment boom.

Audio program
29 March 2017

While the mining sector remains an important part of the Australian economy, experts warn too many reports, commissioned by industry insiders, exaggerate the importance of different sectors in...

Conference paper
16 February 2017

This paper examined the perceived household risks to periodic housing unaffordability in Queensland resource and regional communities through a case study of Rockhampton and Gladstone cities. 

18 November 2016

It’s hardly surprising that the International Monetary Fund has urged the federal government to spend more on infrastructure, writes Tim Colebatch.

15 November 2016

Australia is transitioning from the mining boom with strong growth and relatively low unemployment, but has not been immune to symptoms of the “new mediocre”: the preliminary findings of IMF staff...

3 November 2016

Using the latest data available, this report examines recent changes in the state’s economic trends following the tailing off of the resources boom.

11 June 2009

Everyone knows that the mining boom led to record growth rates, enormous budget surpluses and historically low levels of unemployment — but was that really the case? The evidence suggests not...

30 June 2008

Using demographic data from the 2006 Census, this article discusses population movements in Western Australia in response to the resources boom.