Australian Communications Consumer Action Network

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3 November 2016

Despite mobile and digital telecommunications being increasingly seen as essential, some Australians are missing out on participating fully in this new digital age. This report examines the...

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7 April 2016

A focus on three priorities for consumers in 2016: improved affordability for low income consumers; future protections and universal communications services; and improved consumer decision making...

29 February 2016

Highlights the Australian consumer and privacy issues surrounding the Internet of Things (IoT) – typically an ecosystem of ‘smart’ and connected everyday objects and devices that are designed to...

23 November 2015

Digital inclusion ensures that no one is left behind as we move towards an increasingly digital future. For Social Inclusion Week 2015, ACCAN outlines why digital inclusion is vital for all...

14 October 2015

Digital Ready is a free online training course for the Arts, Recreation and Education Services sectors. It equips small business owners, organisations and clubs with the skills to take advantage...

31 July 2015

Provides insights into the factors affecting technology adoption for older and disadvantaged people, and provides training and interface guidelines and a potential model for other public housing...

20 April 2015

ACCAN’s submission highlights the impact this Bill may have on consumers if it exceeds its intended scope and explores possible ways to make it fit for purpose.

25 November 2014

The majority of the Aboriginal population in Victoria is aged 25 and under and among the highest users of mobile phones: actively engaging in social media and using digital technologies,...

10 September 2014

This research into Australians' use of mobile applications explores user sentiment towards paying for features and services and data privacy in the app ecosystem.

7 August 2014

New research shows high mobile and smart phone ownership among people experiencing homelessness, but staying connected is a struggle.