2016 Most Viewed - Health & Wellbeing

The most popular Health & Wellbeing publications posted on APO during 2016.

29 January 2016

The cost of living is the biggest issue across all demographics, except for Australians over 50, where access to healthcare is the biggest issue, this report shows.

1 September 2016

Jointly governed and funded by the Australian and participating states and territory governments, the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) provides support to people with disability, their...

5 August 2016

An upcoming forum for discussing illegal drug use and possession is the Parliamentary Cross-Party Harm Minimisation Roundtable, to be held at the NSW Parliament. This paper seeks to inform the...

24 October 2016

Provides a brief overview of aged care in Australia, describing the types of care provided, arrangements for accessing subsidised care, statistics on aged care, the organisations that provide care...

14 April 2016

Outlines new initiatives to address loneliness and social isolation experienced by Victorian seniors and create more age-friendly communities.

30 March 2016

Final report prepared by the Royal Commission into Family Violence, examining all aspects of the Victorian system's response to domestic and family violence and offering key recommendations for...

20 June 2016

Examines the wellbeing of people living in rural and regional areas of Australia, with a focus on liveability and resilience.

Journal article
28 January 2016

Acknowledging the overlap between public health and primary care health systems, this report focuses on how newly established networks might help to integrate public health within the primary...

1 June 2016

Over the next two decades the number of people in Australia aged over 75 will double. This report outlines the potential opportunities as Australia’s demographic landscape changes.