2016 Most Viewed - Education & Training

The most popular Education & Training publications posted on APO during 2016.

7 March 2016

This report outlines the research on learning to read from the 1960s to 2015 and explains how having effective, evidence-based reading instruction in every classroom can substantially improve...

13 April 2016

Minimum entry scores for selective high schools annually at the end of Term 1. This information has been updated for 2016 entry, as at the end of Term 1 2016.

Literature review
31 January 2016

Using a strengths-based perspective for Aboriginal early childhood education and school readiness, this literature review notes that Aboriginal children are frequently expected to adapt to a...

7 July 2016

This inaugural Australian Youth Development Index (YDI) analyses the state of youth development across the country as well as the improvements and deteriorations which have occurred since 2006. ...

3 August 2016

Summarises data showing how Australian school students perform in each year level, state/territory and by various demographics on a national scale in each of the four test domains.

21 March 2016

Learning gaps between Australian students of different backgrounds are alarmingly wide and grow wider as students move through school.

16 March 2016

The VET system in Australia plays a critical role in the development of skills for the Australian workforce and through that role makes a critical contribution to workforce participation,...

Discussion paper
12 May 2016

This paper discusses five significant challenges facing school education.

26 April 2016

This paper goes beyond the rhetoric of framing Aboriginal ECE from a 'deficit' perspective to focusing on why the mainstream school system needs adapt to and accommodate Aboriginal learners.

Discussion paper
11 April 2016

An inquiry into the further development of the national evidence base for school and early childhood education.