2016 Most Viewed - Communication & Media

The most popular Communication & Media publications posted on APO during 2016

15 June 2016

The Digital News Report: Australia 2016 is the second annual survey of its kind of news consumption in Australia. The Australian survey is part of a wider project involving 26 countries...

22 February 2016

While society's digital divide continues to narrow, persistent and significant differences remain between different groups of Australians in relation to both access and use of the internet.

24 August 2016

The Australian Digital Inclusion Index (ADII) has been created to measure the level of digital inclusion across the Australian population, and to monitor this level over time.

21 November 2016

In September 2015, the Swinburne Institute for Social Research commenced a two-year research project on safety and wellbeing as it relates to communication technologies, in remote Aboriginal...

Fact sheet
1 March 2016

The Government has announced the most significant reforms to Australia's media laws in a generation, supporting the viability of our local organisations as they face increasing global competition...

7 June 2016

This book examines the reasons for the digital divide in remote communities, how broadband infrastructure can change life in such communities and sets out an evaluation of the 'Home Internet...

21 March 2016

The Tech Trends 2016 report features perspectives from client executives, industry and academic luminaries, and a global network of professionals, all exploring major trends that are...

21 February 2016

This second annual study by Facebook takes a close look at the current state of global internet connectivity, how it has changed since 2014 and how we can use the data identified to generate new...

Briefing paper
16 March 2016

Outlines the prevalence of cyber bullying in Australia and its impact on individuals and schools. It discusses key government responses and international reviews of the effectiveness of anti-...

8 February 2016

This report examines the economic nature of government data and its contribution to the economy and society, the assumptions used in measuring its economic benefits, and the range of quantitative...