2016 Most Viewed - Built & Natural Environments

The most popular Built & Natural Environments publications posted on APO during 2016.

15 July 2016

This report is the official state government projection of population and households, which is used by the Victorian government to manage growth and plan the delivery of infrastructure and...

29 February 2016

Australia’s 10 biggest polluters – all energy and mining companies – continue to rely on last century’s fuels to generate energy and conduct their businesses.

13 May 2016

Examines the long term economic impacts of the Better Cities Program.

9 May 2016

This five-year study funded by VicHealth and undertaken by RMIT Centre for Urban Research aimed to discover how design and planning of a new residential community could improve the health and...

29 April 2016

Turnbull Government plan representing a new framework for cities policy at the federal level, that will guide action across various portfolios, to deliver better outcomes for our cities, the...

21 November 2016

This draft strategy for a metropolis of three cities aims to provide a framework that can better underpin strategic planning for a more productive, liveable and sustainable Sydney.

14 June 2016

A federal election is an opportunity to take stock of how Australia is doing, where it’s going, and what governments can do about it.

17 February 2016

Presents the infrastructure challenges and opportunities Australia faces over the next 15 years and the solutions required.

Discussion paper
29 February 2016

This project examines access to appropriate housing for Indigenous people with a disability living in stage one areas of the National Disability Insurance Scheme in South Australia, Victoria and...

4 October 2016

Infrastructure Victoria is undertaking the first ever thirty year infrastructure strategy for Victoria.