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Video lecture/presentation
10 March 2017

This panel discussion brings together journalists, news editors and academics to explore what matters to children when they consume news.

Video lecture/presentation
31 January 2017

Media soul-searching continues as editors and reporters from outlets from CNN to The Weekly Standard to The New York Times gathered at Harvard University for an event centered on the question of...

Blog post
17 January 2017

It has always been risky for journalists to offend the powerful, rich and litigious. But until the digital age, American newspapers generally held their own. Today, journalists many not be...

Audio podcast
21 December 2016

This Media and Politics Podcast features insight and expertise from leading voices at the intersection of media, politics and public policy.

7 December 2016

This is the final report of a multi-part research series analyzing news coverage of candidates and issues during the 2016 presidential election. The study tracks news coverage from the second week...