Centre for Community Child Health

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Link to organisation: http://www.rch.org.au/ccch/

Source Acronym: CCCH

Owning Institution: Royal Children's Hospital, Murdoch Childrens Research Institute

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Working paper
31 May 2016

Despite the wide-spread use of evidence-based programs and strategies within human services in recent years, we are not always getting the kind of results we would expect when we try to apply...

19 May 2016

Community Paediatric Review supports health professionals in caring for children and their families through the provision of evidence-based information on current health issues.

Literature review
20 April 2016

This review aims to identify evidence-based strategies to address common parenting issues faced by parents of young children.

Literature review
20 April 2016

This literature review investigates service delivery processes and strategies that are associated with better engagement of and outcomes for families and children who are experiencing adversity....

18 February 2016

There are many strategies for engaging families in constructive conversations about children's mental health. Strategic framing is a communication tool that can help.

19 November 2015

Discusses sleep and the early years and family violence and universal services.

1 August 2015

The combination of variable natural development and lengthy waiting lists can make referring children and families for additional therapy and assessment complex.

26 June 2015

This paper attempts to capture the main elements of the journey undertaken through the Learning and Development Strategy, and to document some of the many learnings along the way.

21 May 2015

Men in antenatal classes give three common reasons why they intend to father differently than they were fathered: community expectations, partner pressure, and their own wish for connection with...

17 February 2015

Working in partnership has been an accepted and popular practice in healthcare for many years and has well-recognised benefits for the health and development of children.