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22 Nov 2017

New Zealand residential property inflation reached 10.46% last year. Prices rose by 34% over the past three years.

As a consequence, New Zealanders are increasingly concerned that people on low and medium incomes are being locked out of the property market. Home ownership in...


22 Nov 2017

This statistical report is a further development of the previous rail freight performance publications series Trainlines 1–4.These publications are collaborations between BITRE and the Australasian Railway Association (ARA). Trainline 5 provides an overview of freight, urban and non-urban passenger rail.The report analyses traffic levels, the...

Audio interview

21 Nov 2017

Australia's Chief Scientist Alan Finkel predicts power bills will continue to rise and energy supply will be less reliable unless Australia develops better storage systems — particularly for days when the sun doesn't shine or the wind doesn't blow.

A new report released yesterday...


20 Nov 2017

Over the past decade, Australia’s electricity market has experienced change on an unprecedented scale. In a decentralised, yet integrated 21st century energy future, electricity networks must enable new opportunities for managing the complexity of multiple pathways for flows of electricity and payments. Energy storage has...

Working paper

20 Nov 2017

In this paper we develop a comprehensive measure of the gap between housing supply and demand at a regional level in Australia. We take into account a range of complicating factors such as changing demographics, building types and the increase in unoccopied dwellings at the...


20 Nov 2017

Together we are investing in smarter energy use to meet our needs at less cost and with reduced environmental impacts. Our strategy for a modern energy future extends the benefits of energy efficiency to more Victorian businesses and households and builds a more productive economy....

Discussion paper

20 Nov 2017

Australia should transition quickly to a 100% renewable electricity grid, as it is cheaper and less risky than the alternative of building new coal-fired power stations. This can be achieved by 2030.

The Alternative Technology Association (ATA) is a not-for-profit organisation that enables, represents...


17 Nov 2017

Successful neighbourhood centres are important as places to meet and for social activity. People’s access to neighbourhood centres and the diversity of buildings and commercial uses found there can significantly influence how, and to what extent, we interact.

Read the full article on The...


14 Nov 2017

This publication focuses on physical activity and how it can be supported through urban planning. The focus on physical activity is explained by the fact that inactivity today accounts for an increasing proportion of deaths and disability worldwide and is associated with significant health care...

Research report

14 Nov 2017

Heatwaves and extreme heat are a significant risk to household health. As electricity costs rise, more households are experiencing difficulty paying energy bills. Householder concerns about energy bills already contribute to self-rationing of heating and negative outcomes for health and wellbeing in cold weather....


14 Nov 2017

Our world is speeding up. We have robotic construction, augmented reality, driverless cars and artificial intelligence. There are new materials invented on an almost daily basis promising better performance and better design outcomes. Old materials are reinvented and repurposed.

Overlaying this is climate change,...


14 Nov 2017

What does it mean to be Western Australian? Housing insecurity and homelessness remain a key issue for many people across our State. There remains a lack of diverse and affordable housing options, for low to moderate income earners and different communities and demographic groups,...


13 Nov 2017

These national enforcement guidelines provide guidance about how the requirement of proper control in Australian Road Rule 297 should apply to vehicles with automated functions. The guidelines also confirm that the human driver is responsible for compliance with road traffic laws when a vehicle has...


10 Nov 2017

Well-designed homes make life easier Houses and apartments come in many different sizes and configurations. When they are well-designed, they improve your quality of life and help you save on maintenance and operating costs. They let more light in, are energy efficient, have outdoor spaces,...


9 Nov 2017

How to implement sustainable retrofits in your strata scheme

Do you wish that your building could be more efficient, cost effective and environmentally sustainable?

Don’t know where to start or how to get it done?

Then this site is for you....


8 Nov 2017

Technological and economic changes have created new opportunities in small-scale manufacturing and the “maker” economy, which present a chance for communities to make progress on several important economic development issues. Small-scale manufacturing can grow local entrepreneurship and small business, develop or enhance new and existing...

Discussion paper

8 Nov 2017

The Australian Energy Regulator (AER) regulates energy markets and networks in jurisdictions other than Western Australia.

The energy market is in transition, and our work takes place in the context of significant technological, behavioural and systemic change. Our work places consumers at the heart...

Draft report

6 Nov 2017

A new planning framework has been developed for an extended Subiaco Redevelopment Area, including the Princess Margaret Hospital site, Subiaco Oval, Kitchener Park and surrounding land.

Draft Scheme 2 will transfer planning authority from Western Australian Planning Commission and City of Subiaco to MRA...

Journal article

1 Nov 2017

Green-building certification systems aim at improving the design and operation of buildings. However, few detailed studies have investigated whether a green rating leads to higher occupant satisfaction with indoor environmental quality (IEQ). This research builds on previous work to address this. Based on the analysis...

Discussion paper

31 Oct 2017

Humans have always used fire: for warmth, for cooking, in agriculture, to manufacture and to manage the physical and natural environment. In Australia, our natural landscapes have evolved around fire; their ongoing health relies upon it.

Living with the prospect of fire across our...