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EdSurge was started in 2011 to connect the emerging community of edtech entrepreneurs and educators. We wanted to share detailed information about what new technologies could–and could not–do to support learning.

We report on latest news and trends in the edtech industry to help:

  • Entrepreneurs who build new products and businesses;
  • Educators who use these tools;
  • Investors and others who support companies and schools.

We share information vital to all in the ecosystem: trends, available jobs, opportunities and events. We are building a database of rich information about emerging products and how they’re being used. We also run a series of conferences where educators and entrepreneurs meet on common ground and exchange feedback on how to build and refine tools to improve educational outcomes.

Link to organisation: https://www.edsurge.com/

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Blog post
11 April 2017

Jennifer Howard looks at how the traditional producer-consumer relationship between university presses and libraries has shifted.