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21 June 2016

This paper rectifies and extends the market governance model of Holmstrom and Tirole (1993), to develop and test a number of hypotheses concerning board structure and incentives.

Journal article
22 December 2015

This working paper looks at the different and common characteristics of both smart cities and sharing economy models, in order to explore their interaction and complementary dynamics.

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13 November 2015

This paper discusses financial flows around the publication of journals in the UK in the midst of a national shift towards open access.

Journal article
3 November 2015

This paper discusses economic theories examining asylum provision by non-persecutor countries.

19 July 2014

This paper suggests that there is a way to arrive at a proximate, dependable estimate of the number of Aboriginal frontier casualties at the hands of colonial Queensland’s Native Police Force.

Journal article
6 September 2013

The war against online copyright infringement has been fought on a number of different fronts – via litigation against the P2P software providers who enabled it, the end users who engaged in it,...

Journal article
3 July 2013

Abstract: 'Smart cities' is a term that has gained traction in academia, business and government to describe cities that, on the one hand, are increasingly composed of and...

Journal article
6 February 2013


We conducted a study of Australia’s media content regulation system in the context of three major Federal Government reviews of media law and policy (Australian...

Journal article
5 February 2013

Abstract: Resilience and sustainability are two primary objectives for future cities. The violent consequences of extreme natural events and the environmental, social and...

Journal article
28 January 2013

House prices in many industrial countries increased dramatically in the years prior to 2007. Countries with the largest increases in household debt relative to income experienced the fastest run-...