Culture & Communications

Audio interview
12 January 2017

'Fake news' may be the term du jour, but one lecturer in American politics says the truth still matters.

5 January 2017

This book shows that, reimagined, copyright could serve creators and the broader public far better than it currently does – and exposes intriguing new directions for achievable reform.

27 December 2016

You might think it’s cute to snap a photo of your toddler running around in a playground or having a temper tantrum, and then posting it on social media. But did you ever think it might be a...

20 December 2016

This report details the results of research commissioned by the ACMA to examine the Australian consumer migration experience before, during and after migration to fibre-to-the-premises (FTTP) NBN...

15 December 2016

In September 2015, IMLS awarded CLIR a grant to investigate the early impacts of the National Digital Stewardship Residency (NDSR) programs, in order to inform subsequent development of similar...

14 December 2016

This paper discusses the budget impact of the Commonwealth’s equity and debt financing of the NBN and the associated fiscal risks.

14 December 2016

To mitigate uncertainty and ensure consistent protection for journalists, Australia needs an all-encompassing, national shield law like New Zealand has.

13 December 2016

This article argues that dominant media players Facebook and Google should be regulated at an EU level.

12 December 2016

This article fact checks Shadow Minister for Communications, Michelle Rowland's statement that Australia’s level of media ownership concentration is one of the highest in the world.

Briefing paper
9 December 2016

Community feedback to ECCV indicates that stereotyped or absent media representations of ethnicity and faith is contributing to their disengagement from society.