Education & Training

23 February 2017

Brendon Hyndman asks if it's time for the government to roll out a national policy on heat protection?

Audio interview
21 February 2017

New South Wales has announced an overhaul of its Higher School Certificate syllabus, with a renewed focus on writing and advanced maths.

17 February 2017

This book is intended for anyone seeking to design and redesign accountable legal education; that is, education that does not just transform the learner, but also inculcates in future lawyers a ...

Conference paper
16 February 2017

Following the Australian state of Tasmania’s adoption of its international education policy, Tasmania’s Place in the Asian Century White Paper (Tasmanian Government, 2013), an increasing number of...

16 February 2017

This impact evaluation had two objectives: to assess how well the Growing and Developing Healthy Relationships (GDHR) online curriculum resource is working; and to identify how it might be...

Journal article
16 February 2017

Discusses the concept of 'global studies', its place in universities worldwide and introduces New Zealand Centre for Global Studies.

15 February 2017

This tool has been designed as a team planning and development tool for policy managers in the New Zealand public service.

15 February 2017

This tool has been designed to help New Zealand policy practitioners articulate their policy skills profile.

15 February 2017

The aim of this research project is to conduct a longitudinal study annually monitoring school principals and deputy/assistant principals’ health and wellbeing.

14 February 2017

This resource contains the text of Ken Boston's keynote address to the TJ Ryan Foundation's 3rd anniversary symposium, at QUT Gardens Point campus in Brisbane, on 14 February 2017.