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Briefing paper
14 December 2016

This advisory paper argues that value capture can work in Australia and should be regularly considered for all public infrastructure projects, but with realistic expectations about the role it can...

9 September 2016

The Infrastructure Priority List is a prioritised list of nationally significant investments. It provides decision makers with advice and guidance on specific infrastructure investments...

18 February 2016

The first Australian Infrastructure Plan provides a positive reform and investment roadmap for Australia and sets out the infrastructure challenges and opportunities facing Australia over the next...

17 February 2016

Presents the infrastructure challenges and opportunities Australia faces over the next 15 years and the solutions required.

22 May 2015

Examines the drivers of future infrastructure demand, particularly population and economic growth.

2 July 2013

This plan identifies the reforms and priority infrastructure that Australia needs to ensure our infrastructure networks can take advantage of the opportunities ahead.

The actions include:...

8 March 2010

This report draws together existing data and information across a range of economic, social and environmental parameters to provide a national snapshot of the 17 Australian cities with populations...

22 December 2008

Drawing on public submissions to its discussion paper, Australia's Future Infrastructure Requirements, this paper examines the national and local challenges for the provision of improved economic...

2 September 2008

This discussion paper aims to prompt input regarding how Public Private Partnerships could be used to optimise investment in public infrastructure and how the policies and processes for...

2 September 2008

This discussion paper aims to prompt input regarding how to foster an environment in which infrastructure spending decisions can maximise their effectiveness in delivering on economic, social, and...