Journal of Documentation

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12 Feb 2018

This study is based on unprecedented access to senior publishers and editors, allowing insight into their strategic and operational priorities. It reports on in-depth qualitative data relating specifically to soundness-only peer review for OAMJs, shedding new light on the OAMJ phenomenon and helping inform discussion...

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27 Mar 2017


Open-access mega-journals (OAMJs) represent an increasingly important part of the scholarly communication landscape. OAMJs, such as PLOS ONE , are large scale, broad scope journals that operate an open access business model (normally based on article-processing charges), and which employ a novel...

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9 Nov 2006

Since the beginning of human existence, humankind has sought, organized and used information as it evolved patterns and practices of human information behaviors. However, the field of human information behavior (HIB) has not heretofore pursued an evolutionary understanding of information behavior. The goal of this...